Signature Weaver Spotlight: Ethos Babywearing

Soon to be making their debut to our Signature Releases, we delighted to feature Brittany of Ethos Babywearing. Ethos Babywearing is unique in that it offers a diverse line of woven creations from custom handwoven to machine woven. All full of the elements that Brittany, as an original babywearer, truly loves.

Our partner handweavers are often women-led family businesses operating with a small devoted team. We are delighted to share their stories and showcase their textile artistry and intricate work through the Signature collection.


Brittany entered the babywearing world like so many others… as a new mom, looking for the best way to meet her new baby’s needs while still managing her day. She soon fell in love with the process and the textiles. Brittany started a blog called “Twice Loved and Modern” where she was able to share her love for her ever-growing collection of wraps and carriers.

Her blog grew as she shared tips for babywearing and detailed reviews with other members of the babywearing community. As a product tester, Brittany worked with many companies including Tula. Her experience helped Brittany to become familiar with the features and characteristics that made for a lush, beautiful woven wrap. During this time, Ethos Babywearing was one of the first companies that asked Brittany to host their wraps and a strong relationship was forged.

After Brittany spent a few years in the industry as a consumer and blogger, the founder of Ethos came to Brittany to share the news that she needed to sell her company in order to focus on her family.  She felt it was a great opportunity to start something new. So, in early 2017, she acquired the company and stepped into a new role in the industry as the owner of Ethos Babywearing.  


Her debut with the company took Ethos further into the handwoven world. It eventually led to launching multiple lines expertly crafted by both local and international artisans, including fully customized small-batch designs and larger budget-friendly designs that bring handwoven wraps into a more affordable and accessible space. Ethos also creates traditionally more affordable machine wovens. 

Brittany has a passion for color and design. She blends that passion with her love of carrying her own three children, making Ethos Babywearing a dream job come true. Brittany lives in the midwest with her three children, husband, and rescue dog while she works primarily as a “one-woman show” out of her home studio.

Her favorite part of the job is keeping an open custom list and working closely with customers to design their dream wraps/carriers and bring them to life. Her youngest (and last baby) turned one in May. As her babyweraing days slowly dwindle, she takes great joy in still being able to be so involved in the wonderful community of babywearing families. 

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