Summer Travel Tips with Kids...AND TULA

1. Cover-Ups are perfect for post-pool snacks

Cover-Ups are the perfect accessory to pack for the beach, pool or post-bath! They take up barely any space in your luggage so you can pack them for each child.

2. Use a Hip Pouch for an easy crossbody through the airport

Crossbody is just 1 of 6 ways to wear your versatile Hip Pouch! Click here to read more ways to utilize your Tula Hip Pouch.

3. Managing luggage and an airport is near impossible without a baby carrier!

Being hands-free is a MUST when traveling through busy airports and streets. Babywearing can help keep baby close and give you the flexibility to carry/pull your luggage and bags. Click here to see how babywearing can help with your travels!

4. Tula Kids Backpacks allow your little one to carry their favorite travel items themselves!

Our line of Kids Backpacks are made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric, so durable enough to handle any Summer trip you have planned! And they fit so much, see some examples in our 5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack blog post.

5. Pack a Cuddle Me Blanket for a perfect blanket on the plane, but rolls up small in your bag!

These adult blankets are just the right size to keep you warm, but not too hot on the airplane. And with their lightweight fabric, they fold up easily to fit in your purse or luggage!

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