Surviving These Quarantined Times...


As all of us are trying to do our part to flatten the curve of this pandemic, we recognize how challenging it can be to try to continue working, while educating or entertaining young children, preparing meals, cleaning up, etc… all while trying to keep our minds off the uncertainty that looms ahead.  If you’re struggling to cope with everything that is going on globally, please know you’re not alone. 

We’re all in this together, which is why we want to remind you that your Tula Baby Carrier can help you move forward with confidence during this challenging time. Here are 3 ways that your carrier will help you survive...

1. Set It, Forget It, and Be Hands-Free

With the closing of schools nationwide, it can be immensely difficult to balance work with childcare.  Having a baby carrier can be an absolute lifesaver, but it’s important to have it adjusted to your body type and exact settings in advance, so it’s ready to go whenever you need it!  Tula baby carriers are so versatile, as they are comfortable to use while sitting at your computer when you need to stay focused on a task, but also enable you to get up and go seamlessly when you need a stretch break!     

2. Get Outside To Breathe 

carrier can enable you to stay mobile and connected.  It can be especially useful for taking a conference call outside or even just for having a necessary chat with a co-worker while allowing you to freely move around, which is so important for good ergonomics!  It’s also especially great to wear when you need a breath of fresh air outdoors. Being outside can definitely help kids to get their wiggles out while allowing adults a much needed moment to pause, breathe, and simply reflect on all we have to be grateful for.  It’s important to remember to just keep breathing and believing through these difficult times.  We trust that this too shall pass and looking back, will be a reminder of all we have to be thankful for.

3. You Can Babywear for Self-Care

It’s no surprise that the best way to care for others starts with caring for ourselves, which is why it’s so essential to have a carrier, so you can easily take care of your basic needs, while still comforting your baby or toddler and bringing them along with you wherever you go!  Now more than ever, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, be mindful of healthy food choices, and get a good night’s rest of a minimum of 7 hours.  Remember to be gentle on yourself – this is unchartered territory for all of us, but you’re doing a great job! 

Keep doing what you love.


This blog, "Surviving These  Quarantined Times...", was guest written by Nancy Wong. Nancy is a devoted Mom, wife and full-time Business Manager for a Fortune 500 company.  She is on a mission to help everyday families realize all the amazing benefits of babywearing that have personally made her life tremendously easier while she attempts to balance telecommuting, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and chasing after her toddler son with her baby daughter in tow.
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