Taking Great Holiday Photos

Taking Great Holiday Photos

At Baby Tula we love the holidays for all the extra time we get to spend with our families! Whether it’s baby’s first Christmas, your older one is on break from school for a few weeks, or you’re traveling across the country to spend Hannukkah with your extended family, we know there will be LOTS of photo opportunities with baby this month. To help out, we’ve included some great ways to stage an adorable photoshoot, along with lots of cute inspiration.

image of laughing baby

Find a Cozy Space

In these photos, we simply have laid out the Tula Pointsettia Blanket set on top of a bed near a window. When you use a blanket as the backdrop, it doesn’t matter if your bedding matches, if the headboard is unique, or if the room is cluttered with present wrapping supplies (how do the bows end up on the dog every year?), all that really matters is some nice light, and a cute baby!

Dress your baby in something seasonal, like this onesie from Target, and grab the camera! Make some funny sounds, enlist the help of the older sibling to make them giggle, and shoot away!

Create a Spot for Older Babies and Toddlers to Sit

This could be by the Christmas tree, next to their cousin or sibling, or simply against a wall! We used a simple headboard, and taped the lightweight wreath to the wall, using translucent thread. We grabbed some glittery reindeer antlers, and let her sit and play! The wreath not only made a sweet and seasonal themed space, but gave baby something to interact with while she sat. She had too much fun!

Focus on the Details

In some shots, focus on their little noses, their tiny toes, or the toy they’re playing with. Grab some festive props for them to play with like this decorative garland, some Christmas lights, or a seasonal stuffed animal, and allow them to play while you shoot! (Just make sure you pay close attention to baby if you pose them with a strand of lights or garland, to ensure their safety at all times!)

Take Advantage of a Sleepy Baby

A sleepy baby may bum you out when you’re aiming for perfect photos, but a sweet slumbering infant is just the cutest! Lay baby back on a soft, safe space with no more props, and continue to photograph as they doze off. Maybe tuck them into a cuddly seasonal onesie like this one! Sweet dreams!

Have Fun!

The holidays are full of love and light! Enjoy spending time with your family, and enjoy capturing memories to remember these special times. Share your favorite holiday photos with your Tula Blankets for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or Pinterest!

Special thanks to our wonderful photographers at Acqua Photo for all of our beautiful photos, and for their creativity and dedication in picking the perfect props, outfits and locations! <3

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