The Mockingbird

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Mockingbird by Tula Woven
Stocking Friday, April 11th at 9am PST

 100% cotton
 Medium weight wrap (270 +/- 30 GSM)
 Special finishing process makes this wrap soft,
does not require any breaking in.
 High quality, 100% cotton with Öko-Tex
Standard 100 certificate
Woven in Poland
 Available sizes: 2-7
 Price: starts at $150

Our first review is from Michelle from Dancey Pants Disco who did this beautiful artwork of the Mockingbird wrap.


“I’ve never been too much of a wrapper (I have terrible rhythm. ha! That’s what happens when I try to be funny…), but recently I’ve really started to grow more interested in a few unique wraps. Of course my little boy is a giant almost two year old now, so I’m definitely looking for more supportive wraps. As soon as Mockingbird arrived, I put Odin up on my back for a walk. First wrap job and he felt so secure and comfortable right away. I’ve tried a 100% cotton wrap before and ended up selling it because I wasn’t a fan. The weave must be a little thicker on the Tula Wovens, because I didn’t feel like it was digging at all like my previous cotton wraps had done. I normally prefer my buckle Tula but this one was definitely equally nice on my shoulders.  It was also nowhere near as grippy as the previous cotton wraps I’ve tried. Super smooth and actually much easier to wrap with. Being fairly new to wrapping, the gliding but grippy bit is a huge bonus for me. Toddlers are wild little things and don’t like to sit still while their mamas tie and re-tie a carrier, so it really is huge.

About 75% of my wardrobe is a black or neutral, so not only is this wrap super comfy but it also matches everything that I wear! I also live on a little island known for it’s history with whales and the little whale tail-esque design is perfect for us. I’ve loved this wrap design since I first drew it out and now that I’ve played with it a bit, I love it even more. So gorgeous. Beautiful work, Tula!”


 And our next review is from Kat Berling

“Since the Tula brand started selling its buckle carriers in the US two years ago, the brand has had a reputation for ergonomic, thoughtful design and style, beautiful craftsmanship, and personable customer service. So when Tula announced that they would soon release woven wraps, I waited in anticipation for what would be released, knowing that I would want one, sight unseen.


Of course I wasn’t disappointed. Beautiful simplicity, just like the buckle carrier. I received the black and white Mockingbird in a size 4 to test. My preferences in a woven wrap are a simple design with no busy prints or whimsical designs; soft, sturdy fabric that is easy to launder; and enough width and heft to accommodate my 28-pound 2-year-old daughter. Tula woven ticks all of these requirements with flying colors. The design is to die for. I have been on the lookout for the perfect black and white wrap (the few that I’ve liked were either too narrow or not toddler-worthy). Mockingbird fits the bill for wearing every day or for the rare formal occasion. (I’m a mom, so I don’t get to do formal occasions very often! And especially not with my children.)

When I say that I need a wrap made of a sturdy fabric, that means no loose weave that may be prone to getting snagged, and easy to wash. This is an item that I use for my child, so it will get dirty no matter how careful I am with it. The fabric is smooth but gripped well enough in a multi-layer carry. It is not the grippiest wrap I’ve tried, but it is not the smoothest either. I wore my daughter in a single layer carry (ruck tied in front), and she sagged a little bit. So I’m not sure I would recommend this as a short wrap for a heavy baby. It is awesome in a Jordan’s back carry and in a hip carry with my size 4. I think it would be awesome for newborns because it is soft right out of the bag and unwashed. It will probably get softer after a wash.

I measured my size 4 as 160 inches (406 cm) along one rail, and 27.5 inches width, but it does wrap as a true size 4. I believe this may be due to the denseness of the wrap.

All in all, I would definitely recommend a Tula Woven as a “newborn to toddler” carrier for beginner to advanced babywearers.”

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