The one, the only… San Diego Tula Momtourage!

A world-famous zoo, towering cliffs overlooking sandy beaches, and endless attractions for traveling adventurers… San Diego is a place many people dream about visiting for one reason or another! San Diego is also home to Tula Headquarters… and an incredibly vibrant babywearing community, including several local groups, one of which is the San Diego Tula Momtourage!

The group started out small by a local mama passionate about babywearing and Tulas, but it quickly grew as word spread. A year later, it has become a safe haven for nearly 600 members… a place where members can turn to one another for advice, ask questions that range from “do I need a standard or toddler” to “help! I am a potty training failure!” and a place where they feel welcomed with kind words and a line of caregivers ready to assist.

San Diego Tula Momtourage co-admin Thea Martin explains, “Our love of Tulas and keeping our babies close are what brought us together, but the friendships are what keep us around. The San Diego Tula Momtourage is truly a one of a kind group that couldn’t be more thrilled to support an amazing LOCAL to us company, Tula Baby Carriers.”

Co-admin Marisol Hernandez Shewbert says, “I love the camaraderie within the group. I have met and kept lasting friendships because of Tulas. I love that in addition to them coming up with such a great product they also really do build communities and everlasting friendships.”

Jennifer Dahlquist Ramirez believes it is amazing that a group from the internet can motivate relationships such as those she has developed. “The support, and camaraderie I’ve encountered here illustrates that social media often gets an unjustified bad rap. I am grateful to be a part of a group that shares my passion for not only babywearing, but so many other aspects of parenting as well.”

Emily Tupta adds, “This group has been nothing but encouraging and helpful to me! Safe babywearing is obviously a priority, and these ladies are a wealth of knowledge! Love my Momtourage!”

Thea adds that finding Tula and this group of moms was life changing when she had her third baby. “I had so many fears about how to balance life,” she says, “when I literally didn’t have enough arms to wrangle the kids around me. Insert Tula. Safe babywearing has transformed the way I parent. I thank this group of women, who taught me, helped me when my back carry, was, well, a total disaster, and never once made me feel bad when I showed up to a play date thinking I was wrapped correctly when in reality, I was a total mess.”

Local mom Jamie Miller explains, “‪I have made so many friends through our local Tula group, some of whom I have yet to meet in person. We not only share Tula love but we also share our passion for babywearing, something some of my other close friends don’t understand. I’m lucky to have found really genuinely caring friends through Tula and a slight obsession that will probably stay with me even when my kids are grown adults.”

From playdates at local parks and beaches, to participating in parades, to supporting each other via the Facebook page, the San Diego Tula Momtourage is an amazing example of how #tulabuildscommunities and Tula is honored to have their smiles and support of this incredible babywearing community.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for features on some of the other local babywearing groups rallying to help the San Diego parenting community, and the amazing work they are doing!

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