7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Baby Registry

It is not surprising that expectant families will need to prepare a lot before a new baby arrives. From creating a nursery to all the essential baby gear, you'll find that the list of items you'll be needing is quite long. 

Luckily, there are friends and family eager to get you gifts for your newborn. And believe us when we say that people are excited to help you welcome your baby. It's part of how our community can take part in tour new journey and show their excitement for your growing family. So, don't be shy to create a full and robust registry list. 

But, if that project seems intimidating, we've put together seven of our most important tips that help you build your baby registry beyond your favorite Tula Baby Carrier. ;) We've also included some additional pointers to make sure you get everything you'll need for you and your new baby. 

1. Keep It Practical

It might be tempting to register for every baby item in an aisle, but not every item is practical for you or your home. If you have a small living space, then it might not make sense to get larger items that you can manage without. For instance, a designated rocking chair for the nursery or a large high chair. If you have to climb stairs to get to and from your home, then a larger heavier stroller may not be ideal. The items on your baby registry shouldn't add to the clutter that you will likely be stressing about as you begin nesting. 

Along those same lines, you want to consider if the items on your registry make sense for your lifestyle. If running isn't already part of your lifestyle, then a jogging stroller doesn't need to be on your registry just because your friend raves about it. You can always revisit what makes sense for you after baby arrives, but it could help you complete your registry if you narrow it down to the things that make sense for you, your current habits, and daily activities. 

2. Think Beyond the Newborn Phase 

So you are going to want to think about the whole first year, or first six months at least when you are building your registry. not just the newborn phase. If you have the space for them, consider including toys for when the baby is a little older and a convertible car seat instead of just an infant car seat.

3. Do Your Research

It can be hard to decide if something should be included on your baby registry, so be sure to research what the essentials are and what items will be best for you and your baby. You can learn more from: chatting with friends or family about their favorite items, reading reviews online, attending baby expos and pregnancy events where you can see items in real life and chat with the brands, and checking out the product features listed online. Taking the time to do your research while creating your registry may seem overwhelming, but it will save you a lot of trial and error when you're busy with a new baby. 

If you're doing your research for Baby Tula, you might find this comparison chart helpful to decide which Tula carrier is the right one for you. 

4. Include Big and Small Ticket Items

Your friends and family will appreciate a lot of options on your registry to choose from. Whether someone is able to get you something super special or a group of people want to purchase a big ticket item, some of the more expensive items you'll need for baby might make the perfect gift. A variety of small and big priced items also ensures that a majority of your friends and family will be able to find something you want and avoids a surprise item that you do not need or want. 

5. Be Prepared

While you might have a plan or idea for how you want parenting to look like, it's always best to be prepared for a lot of different scenarios. Especially as a new parent, you will quickly realize that not everything will go as planned. Even experienced parents will find each baby and their needs can be very different. If you are planning on exclusively nursing your baby, it's a not a bad idea to also register for items you might need if that doesn't work out. Babies can also be temperamental, so having different options for the same thing (like a pacifier) is also a good idea.  

6. Get One More

Speaking of options, getting multiples of things that you can have for different spaces is also something to consider when creating your baby registry. You might need an additional car seat (or car seat base) for grandma's car. Or it could be helpful to have diaper changing items ready for the baby's room and another room in your home. And sometimes couples will sign up for more than one baby carrier s that each parent have a carrier that fits their needs or wants best.

7. Don't Forget About Yourself

When your newborn arrives, you will also have necessities during the postpartum phase. Consider including items for yourself on the registry like nursing tanks, nipple balms, and other personal care needs. 

You've created your registry but not quite sure you've gotten everything you need? Here are some quick registry and gift tips that may help you feel totally set for baby: 

  • Gift cards! Some registry options allow you to add gift cards to your list. That way if anything is forgotten or needed after baby arrives, your care circle can still contribute.
  • Keep an eye on price adjustments after your baby shower to see if you're able to get credit back if an item is discounted. 
  • Most registries have a registry completion discount. For Target, you can include anything online/in-store. So, you can get creative and add other items like an instant pot or household things you may need and get a discount.
  • Fill baby's first library with memorable books by asking your baby shower guests to include a favorite storybook instead of a card on the gifts that they give you. 
  • At your baby shower, the games or activities you include can serve as a way to stock up on items your baby will need. Consider ideas like a diaper raffle or a pacifier scavenger hunt to build up your supplies. 
  • Not having a baby shower or already have most of what you need? Consider registering for services or items that aren't typically on a registry like a postpartum doula or annual passes to the zoo. 
  • Don't be scared to ask for help too! A registry will have you feeling pretty ready, but some things like having friends prepare a meal train, getting a massage, or booking some additional time with a lactation consultant can make such a difference when you welcome baby. 

Have your own additional registry tips? We would love to hear them in our blog post comments. 




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