Top Tula Items of 2020

At the end of such a tumultuous year, it can help to consider the little things that may brought us joy. For us, continuing to bring you new items that may have helped navigate the wild parenting journey of 2020 has provided us many happy moments. As we approach the end of 2020, we wanted to look back at the prints and new additions that many of you enjoyed. Read on to see if your personal favorite made the list. 


While not new, these items have proven to be loved by many in 2020. These carriers and blanket continue to be staples in our list of top selling items that make up part of our core collection. 

Discover Free-To-Grow Carrier


Coast Beyond Explore Baby Carrier 


 Animal Alphabet Baby Blanket 


Play Explore Baby Carrier 


In 2020, we continued to offer limited edition prints that allow you more opportunities to have a carrier or baby item that is expressive and special. The following items made a splash on And while some have sold out, many of these popular new releases are still available. In 2021, new arrivals will continue to occur on Thursdays at 10 AM PT. 

Soar Tula Lite Baby Carrier


Merbaby Soiree Baby & Cuddle Me Blanket


Leopard Explore Baby Carrier


Foxtail Mini Toy Carrier 

Vintage Cuddle Me Blanket


Jimi Explore Baby Carrier


Coast Totally Rad! Explore Baby Carrier


Joyful Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier 


Crush Baby Blanket 


Supernova Baby Blanket 





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