Traveling “Lite” With Tula

Everything looks a little bit different in 2020, including winter travel. We know from the CDC that travel increases the chance of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others. We also know that sometimes situations arise that make travel unavoidable. Wearing your baby or toddler in a carrier can alleviate a lot of stress that comes from leaving your home base. We have offered detailed travel tips before, but the Tula Lite offers some unique features that make it the perfect option this year. If you are planning to travel, here are some Tula Lite tips that have made it easier for some families:

1. Pack Your Pouch

The Tula Lite offers 2 different storage compartments. The one on the interior of the waistband houses your carrier. The one on the front is for the essentials that you want to keep close. For air travel, keep the bare minimum that you need to have easy access to in your pouch. Your identification, sanitizer, your masks, phone, etc. Everything else can go in your handbag or baby bag that you can dig through after your hands are clean.

2. Sit Comfy 

We typically advocate for packing a ring sling in your carry on to switch to once seated on the plane. It’s understandable that you may not want to get two carriers out if you feel like you need to wash them upon arrival. The Tula Lite offers a soft waistband that has less structure than our other buckle carriers. It’s very sitting friendly!

3. Wash and Go 

You might have guessed from the name that the Tula Lite is very lightweight! It is made from durable ripstop material that is quick-drying. If you want to wash the day away once you settle into your final destination, it is easy to do with the Tula Lite. It is machine washable on cold water, but you could just as easily hand wash it if that was more convenient. Just hang it up to dry. It will be ready for adventure and cuddles again shortly. 

Team Tula wishes everyone and safe and healthy winter. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram for all of your Tula adventures. 
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