The Magic of Tula: Online Exclusive Collection

At our core, we've always been about bringing our customers comfortable baby carriers that reflect their unique style. From classic to quirky, we've made prints that complement every personality because we know a boost of confidence makes a world of difference to a new parent. As Baby Tula has grown over the years, we've heard your requests to make our baby carriers more accessible to more families.

We've adapted and made changes to our production to allow us to have a consistent collection of carriers on our website and with retailers. However, part of the magic of Tula was once to own something so unique and limited that perhaps only a few people in the world have that same Tula.

With our new Online Exclusive collection, we're excited to be working on bringing back some of those feelings of anticipation and thrill from our earlier days. This new collection of limited edition prints are exclusive to our and websites. The carriers in our Online Exclusive collection will only be available in the style and print as displayed on the website and will not be reproduced once sold out.

By creating these Online Exclusive carriers in limited quantities, we are able to bring you an even wider range of unique prints more frequently. It opens the door to future collaborations with brands and makers you love that wasn't a possibility before. It also gives us the ability to take more creative risks with our print choices and turn your design requests into reality much faster. We hope you'll share our excitement in this new collection as we continue to find exciting ways to support more families and their unique styles across the globe.


Look for new Online Exclusive prints to be released each month! Check out the prints we have released so far: 

Myths and Magic Baby Explore Carrier

All Aboard Explore Baby Carrier

Open Sea Explore Baby Carrier

Jungle Cat Explore Baby Carrier


Serendipity Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

Serendipity Explore Baby Carrier

No Prob Llama Explore Baby Carrier

Follow The Moon Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier


Remus Explore Baby Carrier


Sparkle Rainbow Standard Carrier

Sparkle Rainbow Toddler Carrier

Magic Dust Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

Magic Dust Explore Baby Carrier 

Coast Lotus Explore Carrier

Carried By The Wind Free-To-Grow Carrier 

Coast Mer Friends Forever Standard Carrier 

Coast Mer Friends Forever Toddler Carrier

Sprinkle Standard Carrier

Tattoo Free-To-Grow Carrier 

Hot Lava Standard Carrier


Hot Lava Toddler Carrier


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