Tula Woven Review: Dancey Doll Twirl by Sarah Peter (Jack Sarah)

Name: Dancey Doll Twirl
Fiber content: 30% Tencel, 70% Cotton
Weight: 260gsm (medium weight wrap)
Size: 6
Wrapee: 26m old son, 23 lbs

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to host a special Baby Tula visitor, called Dancey Doll Twirl. As a long-time fan of Dancey Pants Disco, and the wonderfully talented mama behind the brand, I was thrilled that she had an opportunity to design a wrap for Tula based on her adorably unique dolls. The excitement and support from the loving community of DPD fans and friends (and those who know her from the babywearing community) was tangible, my own enthusiasm included.

I knew a Dancey Doll was coming to visit, but I had not been informed which colorway. As soon as the package was delivered to my doorstep, I prepared myself with a camera to take some “unboxing” pictures. This was my first Baby Tula Woven Wrap, and I did not know what to expect in terms of packaging and the surprise color. Opening the box, I was greeted with the most stunning Tula Woven tote – a beautifully drawn babywearing mother, in a drawing style all too familiar to me… definitely the amazing work of Michelle Housel! Peeking into the soft canvas tote I saw charming little doll faces smiling back at me, in a most vibrant minty-teal color. Honestly, I had not been expecting this color – I had previewed the other colorways that had been released, and anticipated one of those. It was a complete but welcome surprise to have Twirl visiting!

After snapping a few flat pictures of this cheery wrap, I quickly unfolded it to get a feel of the weight and blend. I own a few tencel blends, so I already expected the wrap to feel soft – and it definitely was! Even though this was not direct from HQ, I’m pretty sure after even one wash, any loom state Tula tencel blend would be as soft and pliable as this traveling Twirl was. It’s a quality I really appreciate about blends like this… so easy to care for and break in! In hand, Twirl felt very similar to my all cotton wraps in weight and texture, but had a bit more floppiness and a touch of silkiness to it. Additionally, I was really satisfied with the amount of diagonal stretch it had, and how neatly it recoiled as I tested it.

My first impression wrapping with Dancey Doll was that Twirl was moldable with a slightly silky glide – it hugged us in all the right places without digging or feeling too slippery on my shoulders. The wrap was even forgiving enough of a seat-popping leaner who got a little too rambunctious at one point; it held up pretty well to my son pulling his arms in and out many times during our walk, only needing some slight readjustments to tighten everything up towards the end of our adventure. Having a toddler, I prefer multi-pass carries for support; passes remained smooth and effortless, even with the extra reinforcement for my wild child. Knots were of course a breeze in all of the finishes I tried (CCCB, Shepherd’s, and even a quick ruck knotted at my waist), and I felt that it had a reasonable amount of cushiness for my 26 month old son. Twirl’s wrapping qualities felt very balanced in general (due to the cotton-tencel ratio), and I must also point out that this blend has an absolutely beautiful drape!

Overall, Twirl was an absolute delight to host. The pleasant wrapping qualities combined with a charmingly whimsical design, really enables Dancey Doll Twirl to shine as an easy-care wrap. It’s perfect for those looking to keep a functional tencel blend in their stash. Comfortable for both small babies and toddlers, this wrap certainly grows with you and your child. Novice wrappers will be delighted with the friendly wrapping qualities Twirl has to offer, and more experienced wrappers will appreciate the quality of this tencel blend. I honestly did not know what to expect of a Tula Woven Wrap, but was very pleased by the design and wrapping qualities of this distinguished and affordable brand.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity to host Dancey Doll Twirl – I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and beautiful visitor!

If you would like to read the interview with Michelle Housel about the inspiration and creation of the Dancey Doll design, you can locate it here: https://babytula.com/blogs/news/let-s-celebrate-with-tula-dancey-dolls

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