Tula Woven Review: Tula Love Gracieux by Brittnay Snyders


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I recently hosted my first Baby Tula Woven Wrap and it was a delight.  Baby Tula sent me Love Gracieux which I knew was a Tencel blend and having tried a few different Tencel blends already I thought I knew what to expect but it was nothing like I expected, in a great way.

Company:  Baby Tula
Name: Love Gracieux
Fiber content: 53% Tencel 47% Cotton
Weight: 320 gsm (loomstate)
Size: 6 (my base)
Wrapee: My 22 lb 21 month old son

Love Gracieux is quite a thick wrap, just look at that loomstate GSM!  I haven’t tried a tencel blend with a gsm that high so far and I loved this!  My toddler isn’t super heavy but I’m definitely starting to feel his weight these days (and therefore moving away from most thinner wraps) so this was a really nice change for tencel for me!  Most of the other tencel blends I’ve had are more around 270-ish gsm and although lovely that weight is not nearly as toddler-worthy as this one from Tula.

Love Gracieux is a beast in loomstate, do not judge it brand new out of the box.  It feels like a curtain and you would think no way is that wrap-worthy.  Not to worry, toss that baby in the wash and just wait for it to totally transform!  When I say transform it’s no joke, it’s like a completely different wrap after a wash.  It fluffs up beautifully, softens up perfectly, and it goes from stiff to moldable instantly.  There is virtually no breaking in required.  I don’t normally think of tencel as a cozy blend but because this wrap is thicker I feel like it really is cozy.  It hugs and molds to you and keeps your baby snuggly close, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Because this is a thicker wrap it probably wouldn’t be my pick for a tiny brand new baby.  Kellen was under 7 lbs when he was born and I couldn’t see reaching for this with a baby that tiny (I want something thinner in that instance) however I have a friend with a young baby between 10 and 12 lbs who tried this out and it worked really well, so it’s not that this is too beastly for most babies I just don’t think it’s a great tiny newborn choice.  It’s totally toddler worthy though, I can ruck Kellen in this wrap no problem.  It’s fairly forgiving of a sloppy wrap job and there is no diggyness at all.  I think this can totally rock a shorty as well as a base size so just go for whatever you want/need.  This has a moderate amount of diagonal stretch and drape.

The tencel offers the kind of nice “silky” feel I’m used to with this blend but this is more cushy and spongy than I have ever experienced with other tencel.  I love that quality for comfort!  It’s got some nice bounce to it (boing boing).  Due to the thickness a multiple pass carry (i.e. double hammock) takes a little bit of work although not a full on workout since the tencel does offer nice glide.  The tie off is quite easy but it does make for a medium-thick knot so hopefully you don’t mind a prominent knot!  A slipknot is no problem with this wrap as the tencel offers enough glide for easy adjustment.

The quality is excellent and I did not find any flaws with my human eyes.  Over all this is a wonderful, easy, soft, and cushy medium-thick wrap!  I don’t think it’s too much for a new wrapper even though it’s on the thicker side, the softness and glide of the tencel makes it beginner friendly.  It offers some nice qualities for a more experienced wrapper as well, this kind of spongy cush isn’t always easy to find so I have truly enjoyed this.

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