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Some of our lovely new Tula Woven Wraps have been out adventuring in the wild with some different families and we’ve had some reports back on how they’ve been behaving. Here are 3 reviews of the wraps by three different mamas.

Priya by Christina Esler Pitts

“Tula Woven Priya is a dream to wrap with! The 100% cotton is soft and moldable right out of the packaging – no breaking in required! They come ready to wear and love. The medium thickness gives it a nice drapey effect, and it glides nicely yet has just enough texture so it’s not slippery. I got a perfect double hammock carry every time I used it!”

Priya by Yazhi Smith

Priya means Beloved One in Sanskrit. And it is an apt name for this beauty of a wrap that has stolen my heart. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Tula brand and I was very much looking forward to seeing Tula Woven in action.

My first impression as I unwrapped it was that aside from being GORGEOUS in person, it was a nice weight. I’m a big fan of thicker wraps. Even though I live in South Texas (i.e. HOT weather), I favor a thicker, supportive wrap because I carry a baby and toddler. At 270 g/m2, Priya would be a medium-thick wrap.

And I’m a fan of details. Nice tag, Tula design team!

It measures 27 inches wide and my Size 5 measures 4.5m on the shorter rail so it’s a long 5 with short tapers.

I gave it a nice cold gentle wash with soap nuts and hung it dry overnight. No wrinkles in the morning so that’s great for lazy people like me who don’t really enjoy ironing.

Priya boasts a lovely jacquard weave that is more on the side of solid though not as dense as some existing wraps on the market. The weave gives it some nice texture but it’s still smooth enough to be forgiving for new wrappers. I love that it is grippy so there is no sliding around on my shoulders and holds a great knot but still smooth enough to make passes easy.

Priya has a little bit of stretch but not as much as some thinner wraps I own so it was really moldable and yielding for wrapping.

We did both a Front Wrap Cross Carry and a Rucksack Back Carry finished Tibetan and knotless. Priya impressed on both counts. Michael Jr was weightless in a single layer carry and the FWCC was extremely comfortable and not diggy or saggy (which can happen with thinner wraps).

Even after only one wash, it wraps beautifully. I can imagine it will get quite cushy and floppy with breaking in.


•    Jacquard Weave
•    100% Cotton
•    Weight: 270 g/m2 +/- 30
•    Cold wash with gentle cycle with a mild detergent and hang dry. Can be ironed.

Priya is a gorgeous 100% cotton wrap woven in a jacquard weave reminiscent of beautiful blooms in shades of purple. She is a classy and elegant wrap of medium-thick weight and provides just the right amount of stretch to make wrapping easy but still be grippy enough to hold passes and be supportive. Moldable and easy to wrap with, she is sturdy and will be suitable for wrapping from small babies into toddlerhood. Single layer carries are extremely comfortable and multi-layer carries are rock solid! She is a keeper.

Uno reviewed by Marisol Hernandez

I had the honor and privilege to take a Tula Woven for test drive, first impression was “whoa that color!” It’s a bold yellow, perfect reflection of our San Diego sunny days! Out of the bag, it’s SO soft, so not much breaking in needed, sturdy and easy to wrap with, supportive enough for my 30 lbs toddler, and not thick but also not thin or diggy. I was super impressed! I love the color feel and wrapping qualities! I love this wrap! 



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