Understanding How a Wrap Conversion is Named

Understanding How a Wrap Conversion is Named

When browsing our selection of Wrap Conversion Carriers, you should have a good understanding of what each part of the product listing name means. To help better explain, we've broken it down by part!

1. This is how much woven wrap material is used to create your carrier. Full or Half of the carrier. To learn more about the difference between each of these, read our blog here.

2. If the Carrier says "Coast" that means it has our mesh panel and hood, if it doesn't say Coast it's a regular full wrap panel. To shop our canvas Coast Carriers, click here.

3. This is where you'll see the size/style - Free-to-Grow, Standard, Toddler or Half Buckle. Not sure which baby carrier is right for you? Click here to find the best baby carrier option for you!

4. You'll see the weaver's name, which is the brand/creator of the woven wrap. Some examples are Girasol, Meeyoo, Erizo, Mad Hatter, etc.

5. Next you'll find the design name of the wrap

6. This is the weft color used. The weaver and wrap name may be the same, but the weft can make a big difference to the look of the wrap. The weft is the color running across the entire design of the wrap. Click here to see some weft examples.

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