Fun Facts About Tula

With so many questions and curiosity about Tula behind the scenes, we have decided to create this post to give you a little peek into Tula’s story: where it’s made, how it’s made and the people behind it.

Some fun and interesting facts about Tula Carriers:

* Tula was founded at the end of 2009 while Mike and Ula (our original founders) lived in Poland. They created the business with a goal of selling 1 carrier a day.

* In 2011 Mike and Ula moved to San Diego, California with an intention to produce and sell carriers only in Europe. Meeting the local babywearing group inspired them to bring Tula Baby Carriers to families in the US. Now our carriers are sold in 85 countries!

Our name used to be Tuli, which derives from a Polish word “to hug.” When we needed to change our name, we wanted it to be different, yet similar enough so it didn’t confuse our previous customers. We found Tula. TULA contains Ula’s name and her last name initial T.

* Team Tula not only enjoys babies but we are also BIG lovers of our furbabies.

We like to have fun in our office and have lots of team events, including our annual baseball game (go Padres!), volunteering outings and monthly birthday celebrations.

* Our logo is a BEAR

*Our Signature woven carriers are made with love in our original Poland facility, but the woven fabric they are made from come to us from all over the world!

*The first order on was a "Spa" Tula Standard Size Carrier sold in March 2012. 

Our first Tula baby blanket print was…

Even though we’re a small team, we have two Ula’s, two Marta’s and two Nicole’s, and a Kaitlin, a Courtney, and a Kara!

At Tula, we love variety which is why we have had over 8,000 different product listings on 



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