Wear Your Baby Carrier Confidently with Babywearing Groups

The room was buzzing with activity: fabric and babies were spread on the floor, tables were piled high with canvas contraptions, and adults adjusted buckles while tending children and conversations simultaneously. I walked in and found a spot in the corner to get comfy. But, I was quickly welcomed into the crowd by other attendees and the group's volunteers. Soon a woman began speaking about the "ABCs" of babywearing safety and with that, the babywearing meeting had begun.

If you've attended a babywearing meeting, maybe this is a familiar scene for you. Though "meetings" can take many forms, they all come back to one important theme: experienced babywearing caregivers helping other caregivers feel confident with a baby on their body in a carrier. This is typically done, through one on one or group instruction using your own carrier or a collection of carriers provided by the babywearing group.

Gaining confidence with a baby carrier or babywearing skills is always the main goal, but people seek out groups for many different reasons. Some find community to be the most important aspect. Some are looking to explore their carrier options. Some are looking for instruction. Some just want reassurance that they're doing everything correctly. And then a few return, again and again, to start passing their skills on to the next "freshman class" of babywearers. 

For whatever reason you choose to seek out a babywearing group, it is wonderful to know so much accessible support is out there to make your babywearing journey a successful one. From big cities to small towns, in every state and in more and more countries across the globe, babywearing groups have helped countless caregivers in person and online to connect, learn, and give back. 

If you haven't yet had the "meeting" experience, or if you're ready to share your skills, now is the time to find your group! Often times, a simple google search of the phrase "babywearing help near me" can direct you to your local babywearing group. If you don't have a group nearby in person don't fret! Free support is also available via social media, and many volunteers and professionals do online chats via email, messenger, Facebook groups, and video chats. Happy babywearing! 

This guest blog was written by Amy Rainbow. Amy has been a babywearing educator with Portland Area Babywearing since 2015. She is a Babywearing Consultant with Adjoyn which offers video chat consultations for clients around the world. Amy is also a Child Passenger Safety Technician, and Childbirth Educator. She lives with her three children, husband, and pup in Portland, OR. Find more information about Amy at adjoyn.com.

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