Signature Weaver Spotlight: Alight Handwovens

We continue our weaver spotlights with a conversation with Christina of Alight Handwovens and Chromatic DyeNamics! Alight Handwovens is one of the newest weavers that we will be partnering with to make our most sought after handwoven Signature Carriers. As Chromatic DyeNamics, Christina's incredible dye work has been seen on Rainbow Frog Textiles.

Our partner handweavers often are women-led family businesses operating with a small devoted team. We are delighted to share their stories and showcase their textile artistry and intricate work through the Signature collection


Christina started her babywearing journey with an embroidered Ergo carrier with her first baby. She still has it! Christina became interested in using woven wraps when her 3rd baby was on the way. She had a hard time finding yarns in the fiber content and colors she wanted for her first custom handwoven wrap, so the love of dyeing custom yarn was born and she began Chromatic Dyenamics.

As Chromatic Dyenamics (previously Ball up and Dye), Christina has been dyeing yarns in the artisan handwoven arena for about 5 years. Recently, she was interested in developing new dye techniques. It seemed like getting a loom and starting to weave handwoven material would be an ideal way to better understand how innovations in dye and warping techniques complemented each other in the creation of unique pieces.

 When asked what inspired Christina to start Alight Handwovens, she said: 

"I was inspired while designing, dyeing and warping a personal project named Alight that was a fundraiser for a newly found babywearing friend. Her family was going through some really hard medical issues and bills and a few businesses in the community pulled together to contribute items and warps for the fundraiser. This project gave me the creative spark and love for warp designing I was ready to express in my own weaving. A few contributors in the fundraiser asked if I was considering another warp and Alight Handwovens was born from this heartfelt place."


Christina's incredible artistry is not achieved quickly! From idea to finished handwoven material, it takes approximately 1-2 months per warp. After considering fiber combinations and feel, color design, warp design, dye design, chaining, dyeing, beaming, and threading, weaving is almost the final step where an idea comes to life!

Alight Handwovens have been naming their warps after inspiring tales and magical fantasy destinations because Christina feels that there is something fun about wrapping up a baby and whisking them off to a magical dreamland for cuddles! 

Given the detailed, work-intensive process that is involved with Christina's work, we wondered how she balances work and your family: 

"It is a struggle sometimes with balancing homeschooling 4 children and being productive, but they all love the process and the ever-changing art installations around our home!  It is rewarding getting to fulfill these dreams and creative ideas while being with them watching and helping them grow from tiny humans into thoughtful young people."


As Alight Handwovens is still very new, so far Christina is seeing fantastic feedback on her colorwork and designs. As well as, the fiber selection and unique touches she makes like the handspun middle markers and poems written by their narrator for each warp. The magical castle fairytale spin makes each warp an entirely memorable a journey into a story.

Christina loves what she does! She finds it so rewarding to be a part of the entire process that brings these special pieces and ideas to life for the mothers and fathers who are including Alight Handwovens' artwork into their short bittersweet time, babywearing.

We are so excited to see the first Signature handwoven carriers made with Alight Handwoven material. Christina has some exciting things coming our way:

"Some inspirations coming up will be with some extra fancy and some sparkly fibers! The bright vibrant colors I have partially become known for will continue, but also some deep moody colors may debut in a fun way!"

 A giant THANK YOU to Christina of Alight Handwovens for chatting with us! If you would like to stay connected with her, you can follow Chromatic DyeNamics with Alight Handwovens on Facebook and @chromaticdyenamics on Instagram. You can also be part of their chatter community Facebook group: Alight Handwovens.

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