What Makes Tula Baby Blankets So Soft?


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We have defined ourselves by creating items that not only help families express love for their little ones, but also express a signature aesthetic and distinct care. When we first felt the fluid softness of the viscose material used to make our Tula Baby Blankets, we knew that our community would not only experience love at first sight, but also fall in love with the care and quality that defines them.

Each Tula Baby Blanket is made, lovingly, from 100% Viscose; produced from specially processed bamboo pulp. Viscose is commonly used to create clothing and, in the form of our Tula Baby Blankets, has a distinct softness that is almost liquid in its drape and texture.

Viscose is an American invention, developed in the early 1900’s and was created as an accessible substitute for silk. Viscose is almost a hybrid of natural and synthesized materials creating a fiber that allows for vibrant bold colors and designs, alongside cool softness that feels amazing against you and your loved one’s skin. Due to our weaving process, we’re able to create a luxuriously soft fabric that is breathable while maintaining a substantial thickness and durability.

 Every Tula Baby Blanket that is made with viscose, from bamboo, has passed rigorous standards, complying even with the regulations of medical products. This extensive testing not only ensures the exclusion of harmful chemicals but also includes criteria for the environmental safety, energy saving, and safe work environments utilized in the production of the materials. Furthermore, the dyes used for coloring the blanket fabric are ecological and completely safe.

The lightweight nature of the yarns and the looser weaving style we use allow us to produce a porous, distinctly soft fabric with multiple gorgeous designs. This unique combination can also make our blankets more susceptible to minor cosmetic variations than a weave with a thicker or less delicate yarn, like our signature woven wraps.

These characteristics, while visible, are common for the material and weaving process and don’t take away from the quality and beauty of your Tula Baby Blanket. 

Washing your baby blanket will not only help make these variations less visible, but a wash will make your blanket fluff up with softness. Tula Baby Blankets and should be washed with care. Wash in cold water, on delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat separate from other articles of clothing that could potentially snag or tear the delicate fabric of the blanket. Only use non-chlorine bleach as needed and avoid ironing. It is natural for this fabric to experience some shrinkage upon washing.

We hope that you show your blanket plenty of love! Our extra soft Tula blankets are made for cuddling and enjoying with your family. Over time the fabric will be become plush and more pillowy; and we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes your baby’s most favorite lovey!

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