What To Consider When Cloth Diapering

In anticipation of our Baby Tula x Kanga Care collaboration print, Wander, we asked the cloth experts at Kanga Care to share some helpful information about cloth diapering. If you've been thinking about cloth diapers as an option for your family, read on to learn some important tips to have a successful start. 

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Cloth diapering can seem overwhelming to many when they first discover this option for their little ones. We are here to tell you to have NO fear. Kanga Care has the answers and the support to help make your cloth diapering journey a breeze with adorable and functional products. Below is a list of what to consider when beginning your search about cloth diapers and the benefits to making the switch!

What System Will I Use?

When researching cloth diapering you may come across many different systems such as Pocket Cloth Diapers, Prefolds + Flat with Covers, All-In-Ones or Fitted Cloth Diapers. Kanga Care’s best selling, number one recommended and awarding winning, Rumparooz is the cloth diaper that will work with all your kids. 

The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper is a pocket diaper system that will truly grow with your child. Rumparooz diapers are four adjustable diaper sizes in one diaper fitting babies from 6 to 35+ lbs. That is one size that fits from birth to potty training. Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of double inner gussets to keep the messiest of messes locked in. Each diaper comes with a free set of microfiber absorbent pads called the 6r Soaker that are customizable for six absorbency settings. The Rumparooz are available in a multitude of vibrant color and fashion forward, highly sought after prints.

Why Do We Love Pockets?

When using a pocket diaper you can completely customize the absorbency! The Rumparooz Pocket Cloth Diaper fits from 6 lbs (smaller than most cloth diapers) through potty training. This is made possible by the allowance of taking out and putting as much absorbency as you do or don’t need.

One 6rSoaker set adjusts to 6 absorbency settings to keep your baby comfortable and leak free. Available in Microfiber, Hemp, and Bamboo, you can mix can mix and match the three types of 6rSoakers to create more than 117 levels of absorbency. You can customize the exact level of absorbency your baby needs as they grow.

Pictured :: Rumparooz in Wander – A Baby Tula + Kanga Care Collaboration print

How many do I need?

Wash + Care:

Keep it simple! When dealing with poop it is important to make sure you are really getting the diapers clean! For most newer machines that utilize water-saving, that involves doing 2 washes. Your first wash is to just rinse the diapers! Just a normal cold wash to remove the physical waste and rinse the urine from the fabric. Once you have the diapers fully rinsed, you will want to do a hot heavy duty wash with a good detergent that has both enzymes and surfactants to be able to fully break down and remove the waste at the teeniest microscopic level! The best detergent out there we have found is Tide! We also recommend Gain, Dreft, Persil and the Free and Gentle versions of these. Remember to dry your diapers on low heat! If you have any questions on wash and care or want a more specific routine for your washer, reach out to hello@kangacare.com

Join the Cloth Community:

Questions, concerns or need support? A great way to learn more is to join a cloth community or ask friends and family around you who have also cloth diapered. Kanga Care’s Cloth Community on Facebook is a great place to start.

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