Winter Travel Tips for Traveling with Kids

This time of year can often mean traveling to see family or on winter vacations, so we have some holiday travel tips that can help you when traveling with a baby or older kids. Included in these tips are some of our own favorite Tula items that can ease your travel stress while you enjoy the festive season.

 Travel Tips for Traveling with Baby

  1. An SSC Like A Tula Free-to-Grow or Explore Baby Carrier Is Your Best Travel Buddies

A soft structured carrier or buckle carrier like one of our Tula Baby Carriers is a helpful travel essential to bring to the airport. You can typically make it through your security gate with just a bit of extra security time (you will likely be asked to do a hand swab test) and not have to take your baby out of the carrier. During the security checkpoint, your child is not allowed to be in a stroller or car seat, so your baby carrier will offer the least disruption of a possible sleeping baby.

Also, while on your vacation, your Tula Baby Carrier can serve as a familiar place to soothe your baby and keep them calm during busy traveling days.

  1. Keep Your Boarding Pass in Your Carrier Pocket or a Tula Hip Pouch

Our Tula Carriers have a handy pocket on the waistband which can come in handy at the airport. It’s a great place to store your ID and boarding pass or phone when going through security. If you want more secure space, then a Tula Hip Pouch is another great way to keep those travel necessities close and convenient.

  1. Pack a Ring Sling in Your Carry On

A great compact carrier to also bring for your flight is a Tula Ring Sling. It will fit nicely into your carry on bag so you can switch into it after going through the security checkpoint. Because it is waist-less, you can sit while wearing your sling more comfortably (especially in the tight spaces of an airplane seat). You may be asked to take your carrier off for the takeoff and landing of your flight and your ring sling won't require you to stand up or shift too much. And if you are needing to pack light, your ring sling can also act as a blanket, burp cloth, and nursing cover while you travel!

  1. Feed Baby During Take Off

To avoid your baby’s ears popping during the takeoff or landing of your flight, you can nurse or bottle feed them. This can often help them with ear pressure and offer some comfort. 

  1. Bring Dry Snacks

If your baby is eating solids, then snacks can serve as a happy distraction during your flight. But stick to dry items! Baby food pouches can require additional inspections when trying to get through security. Along those lines, if you are bringing prepared bottles or breast milk in storage bags, be prepared to allow time for additional security checks before entering your terminal.

  1. Don’t Forget A Change of Clothes for You and Baby

Long periods of sitting and juggling a lot of tasks may mean that there are some accidents! In your carry on, pack a few additional outfits for baby and at least a shirt for you. A blowout, upset tummy, or another spill might mean you need a clean shirt too.


Travel Tips for Traveling with Toddler or Multiple Kids

  1. A Back Carry for your Toddler

Whether you have a baby or a toddler who still gets tired, a Tula Carrier is a travel must-have. For older babies and toddlers, carrying them in a back carry makes it easier to bend while you grab your luggage and maneuver the airport. Tiny feet also get tired of walking, so even if you’re not using your carrier as often, it can save you from a tantrum while all day vacation adventures. If your child is above 32 inches and at least 25lbs., we offer a Toddler Carrier that is larger than our Baby sized carriers and more supportive for your big kid. 

  1. Tula Kid Backpacks Are the Perfect Child Carry On

Our Kids Backpacks are just the right size for your child to hold without being too heavy and still accommodate their travel needs. You can fit activity books, tablets, a Tula blanket (to keep them warm), and snacks for the plane ride.

  1. Snacks and more snacks

The tiny spaces of a plane can make it harder to bring lots of activities and toys for your child but often snacks make for a great distraction without requiring too much space in your carry on or your child’s backpack. Just remember to stick to dry, packaged snacks like pita chips or bars to avoid additional security checks or delays like pouches or yogurts might cause. Some airlines also have specific kid-centric snack packs that come with small activities.

  1. A brand new toy or activity

If you’re concerned about keeping your little one busy on your flight, a new-to-them toy or activity can keep them happy. Sticker books, dry erase boards for games like tic tac toe, and threading boards are great options for plane activities and games. 

  1. Charge your tablet and download movies

If you plan to entertain your child with some screen time on the plane, then be sure to remember a few things about your tech items: charge tablets and bring your power chords; don’t forget headphones; and check your airline’s website to know if you will need any special apps for watching videos while on your flight. Typically, the internet on flights does not support video streaming services, so download a movie or your child’s favorite TV show before you depart.

  1. Before checking bags put your coats in your luggage

Winter weather might require extra layers, but with having to juggle so much in the airport, it helps to get some of those coats out of the way. If you are checking your luggage and don’t need to travel outside to board your plane, then consider putting your coats and/or extra layers in your luggage before checking them in. You can often avoid long lines by printing your bag tags before arriving at the airport and/or checking your bags at curbside check-in. 

We hope these tips for traveling with your baby or kids come in handy this holiday season! If you head to the airport with your baby in a Tula Carrier or find another item helpful on your vacation, don’t forget to share it with us on Facebook or Instagram!



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