Getting to Know Motherhood: Ana Sandee

Motherhood has different experiences with unique challenges and successes. So,what brings you and your baby comfort and joy isn’t always the same. As we approach Mother’s Day, we will be getting to know seven real-life mothers and sharing different Baby Tula items that we think can support them in their journey. Each day we will ask 5 simple questions to a different Mom and feature a Tula giveaway item that you can add to your parenting “toolbox”. Get more of your own Mom essentials by using the code MOMLOVE to enjoy 15% off on, until May 14th. Some exclusions apply.
Today, get to know Ana, the Colorful Foodie, who just recently became a new mom!

What are the names and ages of your children?

So Alexandra is turning 16 weeks this week (4 months on the 29th of April) and she’s my first and only.

Use one word to describe motherhood.

Crazy. I just can’t believe I’m someone’s mom!

What is a recent parenting “win” you’ve had?

A sleeping baby through the night. I’ve done nothing to make it happen, it just did and I feel like it’s more like a blessing than a win, really.

What is something you have learned since becoming a mother?

I’ve learned patience since becoming a mother. I mean, it’s not my best feature, but this little baby has taught me to be patient, especially when we were learning breastfeeding.

What is a characteristic/quality that your child has that you admire?

I really appreciate how observant and interactive Alexandra is. She’s soaks everything in like a sponge, and you can tell she’s really processing everything in her brain before we get a response. It’s amazing.

A Tula Item for Welcoming Motherhood? 

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