#MyTulaStory: Priscilla Parra

Each parenting story is unique and deeply personal; looking very different even from child to child. As we strive to provide items that give parents confidence and support, we’re so honored to be by your side for it…even if just for a moment. Perhaps your Tula is a staple item in your everyday activities, or maybe discovering our carriers opened up your world to a community, lifestyle or entirely different path. We love hearing your stories and we are excited to be alongside you, from chapter to chapter.

In honor of our Tula Kids Backpacks, a new Tula item that let’s us continue alongside your parenting journey, we wanted to share stories from our own Team and Tula fans reflecting on how Baby Tula intertwines with babywearing and parenting. Today, we share Priscilla’s #mytulastory. Priscilla joined the Tula Team when the company was just beginning in the US.

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How did your babywearing journey begin?

I was familiar with babies being carried from an early age. Growing up in San Diego which borders Tijuana, and being first generation Mexican-American, we would visit Mexico frequently to see my grand parents and other family that lived there. I recall seeing babywearing parents during my many visits, although the term, “Babywearing” was never used. When I was pregnant with my first son, I was drawn to the idea of carriers and other natural parenting practices because of those early memories.

I attended a “Preparing for Baby’s First 6 Weeks” class, where the instructor discussed babywearing and showed the support partners in the class how to use a stretchy wrap. Thank goodness because once my son, Remi, was born I needed my husband’s help to get my stretchy wrap on! Instantly, I fell in love with the sense of freedom my carrier gave me while I still held my son close…but it was HOT! While at a breastfeeding support group, some volunteers from the local babywearing group spoke about different carrier options and I was intrigued. I started attending babywearing meetings after that, which served as my introduction to the “babywearing community”.

When did you learn of Baby Tula Carriers? What were some of your initial reasons for liking them?

While attending one of these babywearing meetings, I met a mom from Poland who had recently moved to San Diego. She had been making carriers in Poland and was curious what her new community thought of the carriers. So many of us fell in love with Baby Tula and Ula, the new Polish mom in town, in those early days!

I was drawn to Tula Carriers because they were high quality and had a distinct fun style. Being a new parent, I appreciated the opportunity to wear something a bit unique that helped me feel like I retained a little self identity. Also I am large chested, and the fit worked well with my body and allowed me to easily breastfeed but remain discreet.

How did you begin to work for Baby Tula?

I was working as a museum educator and already enjoyed babywearing, so I was naturally drawn to wanting to help families with their carrier questions. Ula and I were already friends and she reached out to me to see if I was interested in starting to work with her full time in customer service and on other projects. We both took a giant leap of faith as I was leaving my career and she was hiring her first full time US employee. I am sooooo glad that we did it!

What is something that you love about Baby Tula and/or the community?

So many of the people that work for Baby Tula are genuinely caring and passionate about creating distinct, quality items that bring comfort, joy, and confidence to families. As the company grows, and the industry expands, its really special to feel like we stay true to the initial reasons the company was first started. It’s also really fun to see the bonds that are created over the brand. Lasting friendships, local and online, start with enjoying our products and continue as our children grow.

As your children grow, what’s a lasting memory or idea you’ve gained during your babywearing days?

WOW! There are so many memories and they continue, now, as I work with Baby Tula. Personally, I would have to saw I cherish memories of walking my old neighborhood in San Diego, with the sun shining and my tiny baby sleeping peacefully on me. It was a simple, almost daily task at the time. Yet it was the feeling of confidence and calmness I had, then, that sparked my passion for the babywearing.

Professionally, I would say the Free-to-Grow Carrier launch party, at MommyCon. We opened it with a video made by Georgia of Gregarious Peach. I had worked on the story line for the video and Georgia transformed it into a poignant glimpse into the beauty and pain of parenting. It was amazing to see the reaction to the video as many were brought to tears; and genuine excitement for the carrier was palatable that evening! It was incredibly special to share that moment with part of our Team from Tula, as well as many community members. The room was filled with such exciting energy.

What excites you about Baby Tula now?

There are a lot of things that still excite me! Like our community, I love seeing new and upcoming things. As Baby Tula grows, it’s exciting to see the new items that are created and that function for a time beyond babywearing age. I love that Tula can still be part of our parenting journeys in new and different ways.

Another thing that excites me is that I get to travel to events and see our community, as part of my role at Baby Tula. The educator in me loves helping and seeing people experience an “aha” moment. And the social butterfly in me loves getting to chat with people, face to face, about Baby Tula.

What’s something that people might not already know about you (in relation to Baby Tula)?

In the short time that I have worked with Baby Tula, I have worn several “hats”! From answering emails, helping pack retailer orders, handling wrap conversion releases, helping on photo shoots, coordinating new designs, writing product descriptions and so much more! Being part of the team when it was so small and seeing how the company has grown has been so special for me and I have learned A LOT!

Do you have a “unicorn”/DISO? Do you own it? 

I was never big on chasing “unicorns”, haha, but I was very very very lucky to receive a Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier made from Meeyoo Frida when my second son was born. Beyond being a rare, special Tula, it holds so much sentimental value to me! It may never leave but its currently cuddling another Tula baby!

Is there a Tula item that you have that has special meaning to you?

As I mentioned, there is the Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier made from Meeyoo Frida but I am very sentimental about a lot of my Tula items. I have one of my first Tula Wrap Conversions made for my eldest son, Remi, still. (He is six now!) I also have a few of the first samples of ring slings, woven wraps and blankets that mark new and exciting additions to Baby Tula. I look forward to adding more firsts!

Thank you, Priscilla! Remi, Priscilla’s older son, is seen wearing our ‘Stamps‘ Tula Kids Backpack and her younger son, Oslo, is seen wearing ‘Rainbow Showers‘.

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