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We’re kicking it off with the Lindman family and this epic photo:

Where do you live?
Portland, OR

How many in your family?

Four. Me, my husband David, our daughter (16 mos) Clementine & our French bulldog, Sebastian.

What does your family do for work?

I’m a stay at home mom & a children’s book author. David has a online store so we’re lucky enough to have him at home most of the time too.

How long have you been babywearing?

I’ve been babywearing since she was about 3 months old. I tried a few times when she was younger but she didn’t like it. Probably because I didn’t have my Tula yet.

What other types of carriers have you used?

My first carrier was a k’tan but she hated it. Then I tried a baby Bjorn. I went for a 15 minute walk to a local baby consignment store the first time I used the Bjorn. It hurt my shoulders so bad that I bought a used Beco baby carrier for the walk back. I wanted to sell my Bjorn on consignment there but they wouldn’t take it. Now I know why! The Beco was way better but I couldn’t nurse her because an annoying piece of fabric was in the way. This frustrated her to no end. Finally, a few weeks later I ordered my Baby Tula & it’s been heaven ever since.

We have two Tula carriers. A blue zig zag & a beautiful embroidered hot air balloon toddler carrier.

What do you like about Tula?

I love the design & comfort. I love that I can actually multitask, handle teething issues, get her to sleep and go anywhere and do almost anything with my Tula. My husband once said, “It’s so simple and brilliant. I don’t know why other carriers try to make them so complicated”. They are also the most aesthetic carriers out there!

Where does babywearing take you?

Shopping, parks, walking our dog, festivals, kid friendly movies, berry picking, beaches, marathons, traveling on airplanes & boats, hiking, fishing, and all around town. I only use my stroller for jogging & super long treks & I still bring my Tula as backup.

What’s one piece of advice you would give new parents?

 Do what works! There are so many parenting styles out there and everyone has an opinion but you just have to do what works the best for your family. Every baby is different and not every family functions the same way. I also highly recommend reading The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. It helped me so much!

What’s the best advice you were given?

The best advice I received was to ignore the false claims that you can spoil your baby by holding them too often. I read it in a Dr. Sears book actually and he has nothing but good things to say about babywearing & co-sleeping. I always had my daughter either on my lap or in carrier and she is the happiest, most social toddler I know.

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