Tula Families: Steven, John, Benjamin, and Alexandria

While Baby Tula grows, the people that make up our company continue to be our essence. We continue to work closely with our community and have, from our early days, worked with real families for our photo shoots. We would like to introduce you to the families that make up Baby Tula. Mothers, fathers, and children that enjoy Baby Tula carriers and the closeness that babywearing brings them. Meet Steven, John and their 5 month old twins, Benjamin and Alexandria!

Tell us more about you two and your family! How did you meet or anything fun you want to share on our blog? 
John and I live in the vibrant neighborhood of Hillcrest. He works for a major pharmaceutical company and I work for a digital marketing agency downtown. We both knew we wanted kids, and after 10 years of being together, we made that dream a reality. Earlier this year we welcomed two babies into our home and lives, Benjamin and Alexandria.

Your family has a unique parenting story, would you mind sharing your story of surrogacy with us?
We are certainly a very unique, very modern family, being two gay young(er) dads with twins. Our path to parenthood involved surrogacy, and we opted to go with a local surrogate so we could have a high involvement experience. She was a lovely woman who is beyond selfless and provided us one of the greatest gifts a person can offer. We still stay in touch, sharing baby pictures and getting tidbits of advice, but she has a family of her own and we try not to bug her too much. Regardless of how unique and modern our family is, we are a family nonetheless, and we are beyond lucky and ever-thankful to live in a world and at a time (and with a family) that accepts us fully.

How old is your child/children?
Our children are just over five months old.

What has been the biggest challenge with welcoming twin babies into your lives?
The day-to-day of raising twins — or a single baby for that matter — would be fine if it weren’t for the lack of sleep. It feels like I’ve had major jet lag for five months. But your body gets used to it, you learn to rally, and you power through (coffee is a necessity).

How is babywearing, carrying your child in a baby carrier, a part of your family?
Any parent will agree that it’s hard to get out of the house. Now imagine that with twins! Instead of having to pack a big, bulky twin stroller and maneuver that around crowded sidewalks and whatnot, we’ve found babywearing to be so much easier — we can just strap on a babe each and head out the door. Not only does this mean we can get out of the house faster, but we are snuggling them the whole time, which is a lovely time for us to bond.

How does your Tula carrier help you to keep doing what you love?
We’ve tried other carriers, and although we’ve liked most of them, Tula carriers are sturdy and safe but very lightweight. Now that the twins are growing and getting bigger, they are getting heavier, so having a lightweight carrier is a must. The lightweight property means they are also breathable, making walks cooler and more comfortable for everyone.

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