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Infant Insert Instructions - How to Use Your Infant Insert

Please read our Safety and Ergonomic Recommendations prior to using any Tula Product.

This infant insert may be used for babies and newborns beginning at 7 lbs. and should be used until the child is at least 15 pounds and big enough to be worn in the Tula with both legs dangling freely down at the knee in the M-position. For more information on carrying your newborn, read our blog post on newborn babywearing.

Tula does not recommend the use of any other method of modifying a carrier for an infant or newborn.

The Tula Infant Insert has three pieces which should be used together at first but which can be used independently as well when needed.

The Tula Infant Insert should only be used with the baby-sized/standard carrier, and is not suitable for use with the Toddler Ergonomic Carrier. 

For more information and FAQ, please visit our #tulateaches album here or read our blog post about the infant insert.

 For Instructions for use, please see below:

Tula Baby Carrier Infant Insert

Infant Insert Instructions

  1. Lay the infant insert on a safe, flat surface. Lay your baby on the insert. Make sure that the insert is aligned with baby's neck to provide neck support. Lift the harness belt up through in between your baby's legs.
  2. Secure the hook and loop closure on each strap to the bottom and back of the insert (there should be three prats of the harness that are secured).
  3. The insert should cover baby's stomach and it should reach somewhere at or around the belly button.
  4. Secure the waist belt by fasting the buckle. Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable strap. The carrier's body panel should be centered to your body.
  5. Lift your baby, along with the insert.
  6. Bring your baby, in the insert, to your chest and hold it close and high enough, where you are able to kiss your baby's head.
  7. While holding your baby with one hand, use your other hand to lift up the Tula body panel over the baby and insert.
  8. Still holding your baby with one hand, use your free hand to put the shoulder strap on your arm.
  9. Alternate hands and hold baby with other hand while using your free hand to put the second should strap on.
  10. Buckle the chest clip behind your shoulders and across your back. If the carrier fits loosely, pull the adjustable shoulder straps for a snug fit. You want to make sure that the carrier is holding your baby close to you, where the baby is not able to slide down.
  11. Put your hands inside the carrier to check the position of your baby's legs. Make sure the baby is in the correct M-position. Knees should be slightly higher than baby's bottom. Also, check to make sure that your infant's airway is not obstructed.
  12. Monitor your baby while wearing him or her to ensure that your baby maintains an open airway at all times while being worn with chin off of chest.

NOTE: For older infants who do not need the neck support of the infant insert but still require the lifted seat for visibility and a less while seat, you can detach the bottom cushion to be used alone. If you are only using the bottom cushion, begin following the steps starting at step #5.