8 Things About Tula Wrap Conversions

8 Things You Should Know About Tula Wrap Conversions

Tula Wrap Conversions are our premiere, limited-edition style of luxury baby carriers. We wanted to share 8 things you might not know, but SHOULD know, about our Wrap Conversions!

1. They are ultra soft and moldable


2. Weft color makes a big difference!

3. Handwoven fancies are 100% hand-made

4. Each carrier is handmade in Poland

5. Many of our partner weavers are work-at-home-moms!

6. They're one-of-a-kind because no parts of the wrap are exactly the same and each carrier is constructed completely by hand

7. Wrap Conversions stock every other Wednesday at 6pm PT, BUT we love having surprise stockings, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

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8. You can get points for your purchase when you join our Collector's Club

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