Understanding Baby Tula from A to Z

Are you new to the Tula-verse? Do you look at comments and wonder what is everyone talking about?! We wanted to create a quick and helpful dictionary to help ease you into this amazing community of Tula! Our Tula-vets - did we miss anything? Do you have anything to add? Share it with us in the comments!

A is for Accessorize

You bought your new carrier, now what?! Accessorize of course! Ask for examples in Tula Love, or check out the many Etsy shops with WAHM's (work at home moms) selling handmade accessories to customize your carrier. They make, suck pads, reach straps, replacement hoods and more! For more inspiration, visit our Baby Tula Accessories board on Pinterest!

B is for Backpacks

Our line of Tula Kids Backpacks is full of ultra-stylish prints and they're all made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric! Perfect for showing your Tula love beyond your babywearing days. 

C is for Collector's Club

The Tula Collector's Club is our rewards program where you can earn points for different actions and redeem those points for a discount off future orders!

D is for DISO

Every person has their ultimate dream Tula, whether it's a blanket, a carrier, a Wrap Conversion, etc. this is called their DISO, which stands for Desperately In Search Of.

E is for EUC

Are you buying a pre-loved Tula item from a buy/sell/trade group? You might see EUC to mean that it's in Excellent Used Condition, so while it may not be brand new, it's in excellent condition!

F is for Fluff Mail

Fluff Mail is the ultimate prize - getting your prized Tula product in the mail! Our community loves showing off what comes in the mail, so you might see a photo of a package asking if you want to see what's inside. 

G is for Gathered Shoulder

All of our Tula Ring Slings come with a gathered shoulder. When wearing a Ring Sling, make sure you spread the fabric over your shoulder to help distribute the weight and have a more comfortable carry!

H is for Hip Pouch

Have you seen our newest accessory- the Tula Hip Pouch? The Tula Hip Pouch solves your need for a compact, convenient way to carry your items and your baby. Wear it around your waist, over your shoulder, across your body or attach it to your Tula Carrier.

I is for IRL

IRL stands for In Real Life. You'll see this a lot when people want to see live/action shots of a certain carrier or blanket. People post pics of themselves using the item in different settings and lighting to give you an idea of what it looks like aside from the product photos on the Tula website or social. 

J is for Jacquard

A jacquard is the solid print blanket that comes with all blanket sets! These are specially woven to have a special pattern in them rather than a printed design. They make the perfect swaddles and the best accessory for baby photos!

K is for Kissable

When carrying your baby in a Tula, you always want them to be Visible and Kissable! Close enough to kiss is a good rule of thumb for any babywearing!

L is for Last Chance

Have you checked out our discounted Last Chance Sale?! These are discontinued prints that will never be made available again! Once they're gone, they're gone!

M is for "M" Shape Position

An "M" Shape Position is the ideal position that you want baby in while in your carrier. This means the bum sits slightly below the knees, making an M-like shape in their seated position.

N is for NWT

NWT stands New With Tags, you'll see this on a lot of the buy/sell/trade posts that people are selling brand new items with the tags still on.

O is for OOAK

OOAK is a special term for those One-Of-A-Kind items. It might be a Tula sample that never went into production, a Wrap Conversion Carrier that only one exists of in a particular size and design, or a customized product by many of the wonderful WAHMs!

P is for PFAs

Our Standard and Toddler carriers come with an important adjustment-helper called PFAs (Perfect Fit Adjusters) at the top of the panel where the shoulder straps start. These PFAs help keep baby close to your body and provides added length for taller caregivers.

Q is for Quick Ups

One of the many benefits of a Ring Sling is that it provides for a fast and easy carrying option for "Quick Ups" when running a quick errand!

R is for Ring Shot

You have to try taking a Ring Shot the moment you receive your Fluff Mail! Use your left hand (or baby's hand!) to cover your address on the label and then share your unveiling with the Tula Love community!

S is for Sleepy Dust

Sleepy Dust is what you get in EVERY piece of Tula Fluff Mail! It's this magic potion that no baby can resist and they instantly fall asleep!
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T is for TITW

Have you ever been in public wearing your Tula and heard "TULA IN THE WILD"?! Well if you hear those sacred words, be sure to give the response "CAW CAW". This hilarious call and response was dreamed up by members of of our community and has been a funny way to say hello to your fellow Tula lovers! This works both ways...so, if you see someone wearing a Tula, be sure to give the call "TULA IN THE WILD"!

U is for Ula

Our fearless founder, Ula! The originator and creator of all things Tula!

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V is for Viscose

Viscose is what all of our Tula Baby Blankets are made from! Each one is made of 100% Viscose, which is produced from specially processed bamboo pulp that gives our blankets a plump, fluid softness that maintains a light feel while being ultra-soft.

W is for Wrap Conversion

Baby Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers are our premiere, limited edition style of luxury baby carriers. Artistic, unique designs, often utilizing handwoven and hand-dyed woven wraps, and handmade craftsmanship give our Wrap Conversion Carriers a distinct beauty that is rare and coveted. Wrap Conversions are released every other Sunday and announced on our Facebook and Instagram!

X is for eXclusive

Did you know sometimes a Tula print can be an EXCLUSIVE? This is a print that only a retailer or we (Baby Tula) will carry! We even occasionally do exclusive prints for events like MommyCon or the International Babywearing Conference. Be sure to follow your local retailer(s) to see if they have any fun, new prints that you won't find at babytula.com

Y is for Year-Long Warranty

All of our carrier purchases come with a one-year warranty! Visit our website for more information on our warranty program.

Z is for Zoo Animals

We know lots of you love cute and cuddly critters! We have so many prints that show some of our favorite Zoo animals - like Tropical Tower, Soar, Carry Me and Fox Tail!
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