What’s the difference between Half and Full Tula Woven Carriers?

A common question asked regarding the Baby Tula Signature Collection is “what’s the difference between the different types?” We created the following graphic to help show you the differences!


While our original Explore, Free-To-Grow, Half BuckleStandardToddler and preschool carriers are made with canvas and twill fabric, our Signature woven carriers are crafted using elegant woven fabric and sewn by one of our seamstresses in the town where Baby Tula began—Bialystok, Poland. 

There are 2 types of woven, or sometimes called wrap conversion, carriers: Full and Half – which also come in Coast variations.

  • The Full Signature Carrier is made entirely with woven material meaning that the shoulder straps, body panel, and waistband are all made with a woven wrap, front, and back. The detachable hood is also made with woven material. 
  • The Half Signature Carrier is made with the woven fabric on the outside of the shoulder straps, body panel, and waistband. And it has canvas or cotton twill material on the inner side. The canvas can provide the outer woven material additional structure and support. The detachable hood is also made with woven material.
  • Coast version of the Full or Half Signature Carrier is made with a center panel of breathable mesh and a mesh hood. Our Coast carrier option gives baby added airflow that can help you and baby stay cool. 

Our Signature collection is only available on our site through the rotating in-stock collection and the Signature Collection LE Releases. LE Releases occur every other Wednesday at 6PM PT and offer a wider assortment of these sought-after designs.

The most desired prints sell out in minutes, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date and get a preview of what’s featured in upcoming releases.

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