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Half Buckle Baby Carriers If you’re looking for a versatile baby carrier, look no further than Tula’s Signature Carriers in a half buckle style. This is an Asian-inspired hybrid baby carrier that combines the elements of a standard buckle waistband and the fabric tie straps frequently seen among Asian carriers. The shoulder straps end in a wide, wrap-style fabric that gets wrapped around the baby and tied with a knot. It can be used in multiple ergonomic carry positions so you can hold your precious little one on the front, hip, and back. The Tula half buckle carrier has all the comfort and softness of a wrap, as well as the practicality of a buckle carrier. This is a great option if you’re looking for a soft and wrap-like carrier with more structure. Features of the Tula Half Buckle Carrier The Tula half buckle carrier includes some of the best features of Tula’s other carriers, with the addition of the fabric shoulder straps. It comes in an adjustable panel with three width settings and two height settings to ensure a snug fit. It can accommodate your baby’s growth, and will take you from the newborn stage to infancy and early toddlerhood. The back and seat panel is wide and supports your baby's back. It holds the legs in an M-shaped position, with knee-to-knee support. There’s also a detachable hood to support the baby's head if they fall asleep. Our half buckle baby carrier is made from luxuriously soft cotton printed fabric, and comes in a range of stylish designs. Comfortable for Baby, Comfortable for You If you’ve found that full buckle carriers dig into the side of your body, the half buckle carrier is an excellent alternative. This style eliminates the buckles on the side of the baby carrier. The fabric tie straps are lightly padded without being overly bulky, provide great neck and shoulder comfort, and are completely adjustable. The wide and padded waistband keeps the caregiver comfortable and provides lumbar support even with extended babywearing. There’s also a roomy front pocket for your keys, phone, or loose change. Plus, it’s easy to clean - just throw it in the machine for a quick, gentle wash. Best of all, the Tula half buckle is relatively easy to use and learn. Since the half buckles are adjustable, it can be worn by different caregivers with different body sizes - perfect for those looking for a baby carrier that can be easily shared by both parents.