Visiting Walt Disney World with a Baby

Team Tula’s events team recently spent a day in Walt Disney World to preview our Tula Shoes. In preparation for our visit, we asked you for help in planning our day with a baby! Our friends at @momsinamagicalworld shared some of their own tips and even spent some time with us while we were there. Read on to see some of the most valuable tips for visiting Walt Disney World with a baby!

Tips from @momsinamagicalworld:

1. Find a baby carrier that works for you and your baby.
I personally have found that the Tula Coast is the absolute best baby carrier for us at Disney because it is great for all ages and has mesh to keep you both cool. The mesh material helps so much on a hot Disney day.

2. Stay cool.
With warmer weather and babies needing help regulating temperature, it’s important that you and baby stay comfortable. Take lots of breaks and look for shaded areas and air conditioning - we often pop into gift shops just to cool off for a few minutes. Consider using an umbrella for shade from the sun and heat and read Tula's tips for babywearing in the heat.

3. Drink lots of water!
With all the walking and the warmer temperatures, it’s very important to stay hydrated. Especially if you’re breastfeeding but everyone should be mindful of this. You can get a free cup of water at any place that has fountain drinks. 

4. Ride the rides.
Babies can go on any ride at Walt Disney World except those with height restrictions (think roller coasters and faster rides). As long as baby is in a baby carrier on the front (not back wearing), you can also babywear on any of these rides and do not need to take baby out or pull the baby carrier down unless you want to. This means easier on and off rides!

5. You’re on vacation, so take it easy!
I personally bring a stroller for long days to have a place for baby to sit while I use the restroom or eat a snack, or it can hold stuff while I get to snuggle my baby.

6. Take turns holding or wearing with a spouse or family member if you can.
This helps you conserve your energy for those Rope Drop to Fireworks days! Tula's baby carriers are easily adjustable to fit different body types so I can easily take turns with my spouse.

7. Breastfeed, bottle feed, nap in the baby carrier.
You can do a lot of things while babywearing and so can baby. I’ve personally breastfed in my Tula many times which is perfect for when you’re in a line and baby starts acting hungry. You can also bottle feed. When baby is done, baby can happily nap right in the same spot!

8. Enjoy your adventures!!
Most of all, having extra hands and support allows you to enjoy your vacation. Whether you’re playing games with your toddler or can connect with your partner while having a quiet moment as baby naps - enjoy all the places you can go and things you can do while holding your baby close!

Tips from You:

Additionally, we asked you, our community, for your recommendations for a great Disney World day with baby, and we received so many excellent tips! A few of our favorites are:

  1. Download the Disney app. Wait times, set fast passes, can order food, overall makes things much easier. – Chelsea
  2. Yes, to ordering food on the app! If you have food allergies you still must order in line though. I know they are hoping to update for allergies soon. – Cameron
  3. Baby care centers offer clean air-conditioned areas to take care of your little ones. If you ever need baby supplies while at the parks, this is where to go!
  4. Bring gallon sized ziplock bags (or a wet bag!). When it rains, you can put wet things in the bag. Or you can put dry stuff in the bag to stay dry. – Trisha

Thanks again to everyone for all the advice and for such a fun day in Walt Disney World. We had SO much fun exploring Disney World, that we've decided to do it again at Disneyland! Check out the event and join us if you are in the area on October 2nd!

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