Is Hemp Fabric Okay for Babies?

Does Hemp Have THC? Read on to learn more. 



What comes to mind when you think of Hemp? If you are unfamiliar with industrial hemp, your brain association with it may be a little foggy. Is it cannabis or marijuana?

Does it contain THC?

Is it even legal? 

Is it okay to use in baby products? (Short Answer, by the way, is ABSOLUTELY!)

With the introduction of Baby Tula's first collection of hemp baby carriers, we wanted answer all your questions about this incredible fabric option! 


First, it is entirely understandable to not know more about the hemp plant. Despite many many years of being able to legally import hemp, it wasn't lawful to grow hemp in the US until 2018.

But why? After all, hemp has a long history in the US (George Washington grew it!), and it is nearly a miracle crop...more on that later. Well, as you might suspect the regulation of hemp has nothing to do with the actual plant properties.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for something your sibling did? That's what happened to hemp. It's nothing more than a case of mistaken identity; sadly, this confusion destroyed many plants.



Naming the plants accurately is essential here. For example, hemp and marijuana are both part of the same species of the cannabis sativa plant. But what they have in common pretty much stops there. So, hemp = cannabis, Marijuana = cannabis, but hemp ≠ marijuana. Many things set them apart, but the THC content is the one people (law-makers and regulators) tend to be most concerned with. 

Hemp has so little THC that even if you tried to use it in a manner to get high, like smoking it, you couldn't. DISCLAIMER: Please don't try to smoke your carriers!

The legal classification for Hemp vs. Marijuana is that hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC, but even a plant just out of that range would not give a psychoactive effect. 



Marijuana is the plant with a higher THC content, and while it is fully legal in 19 states, you won't see baby items made from it. It would be like making lasagna with spaghetti noodles. Hemp and Marijuana have different uses and are not interchangeable even if they seem similar. 


It is not just the THC difference, though. How the plants are grown is different too. Industrial hemp is grown tall to maximize the stalk. So, unlike Marijuana, we can use every part of the hemp plant. It's called the "plant of 10,000 uses" because so many things can be made from it. 

Is Hemp Having a Comeback? 

It is hard to call something with such a rich history new, but looking at hemp through the lens of sustainability has many people enthusiastically taking notice of this remarkable plant. Hemp requires very little water to process and grow and is healthy for the soil. In addition to the soft hemp fabric that you will see featured in the new Tula Hemp collection, hemp has the opportunity to make a profound impact on fuel, paper products, and even bio-plastics. 


Edible? Yes!

The fibers in hemp stalks can make nearly an infinite number of products, but this plant offers nutritional benefits too! Hemp provides an animal-free complete protein source in the way of its seeds.

Just from those tiny seeds, we get hemp hearts, hemp milk, hemp protein, hemp flour, and hemp oil! With cow's milk being one of the most common allergies in small children, hemp milk could be a non-dairy milk alternative to ask your pediatrician about.

Hemp Hearts are tasty little sprinkles from the earth that can be added to your baby's diet when they are ready to eat solid foods. Solid Starts recommends using them to coat slippery foods like avocado for babies self-feeding finger foods. 


THC and CBD in textiles

We have already covered that you won't find a significant amount of THC in the hemp plant. But, you may be wondering if the trace amount in the plant would ever make it into finished fabric? The short answer to that is no. It just doesn't work that way. 

Consider the use of hemp in making your clothes. If people could gain the effects of THC through clothing, they would be doing that. People who partake in marijuana have found many creative ways to do so, and fabric/clothing is not one they are using. Stick to the apples I guess... 

What about CBD? 

The other cannabinoid in cannabis plants, CBD, has had lots of attention in the last few years. Hemp plants are said to have a significant concentration of CBD in them.

You may be enthusiastic about CBD, or you may still be on the fence. While there is an FDA-approved CBD-based drug for children with epilepsy, that doesn't necessarily mean that you want casual exposure to it. 


Our carriers are known for their "sleepy-dust," but that has NOTHING to do with CBD. There are published studies about adding CBD oil back into hemp fabric after production to benefit the skin. But the truth is that industrial hemp isn't the real source of the trendy oil and that while hemp retains some of its other qualities after it's been turned into a textile, you will not have any calming CBD side effects from wearing it...even if you were hoping for some. (Sorry to disappoint you!) 




The new Tula Hemp collection is not the first use of hemp fabric for babies. It's not even Tula's first use of hemp for a baby carrier!

For our Signature Collection, we have used hemp blends for many years. We've sourced hemp fabric from independent artisans and weavers like Rainbow Frog Handwovens and Oscha Slings.

Working with hemp blend woven wraps and converting them into Tula carriers for so many years provided insight into exactly what was needed to make a soft, accessible hemp option. 


Hemp has also been a longtime staple in the cloth diaper world. With the environmental impact being a strong motivator for families to use cloth diapers, it makes sense that hemp would have a presence. Many cloth diaper companies blend hemp with other fabrics for maximum comfort and absorbency. In addition, Hemp's believed natural resistance to mold and mildew makes it even more desirable for this use. 


As you can see, hemp baby carriers are a smart choice for families. We are happy to help hemp make a name for itself away from the shadow of its other cannabis sibling. Shop the new Tula Hemp Collection now.


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