Tips for New Babywearing Dads

Many of the benefits of babywearing can be experienced by mom, dad, or any caregiver. In particular, oxytocin (sometimes referred to as the love hormone) is released by both females and males when baby is held close. This creates a foundation for strong bonds. Also, Fathers are now spending three times as much time with their children compared to previous generations. If you're welcoming a baby soon or are new to babywearing, the following tips will help you have a successful babywearing experience. 

1. Make Sure It Fits

You are going to want to make sure that you choose a baby carrier that will fit your body. And, if you plan to share it with your partner, that also fits them. Knowing how your carrier adjusts to get a comfortable fit for you, will help you and baby enjoy your snuggles. Tula baby carriers are designed to fit a wide range of body types with adjustable arm straps, chest clip, and waistband. The length of the webbing on these areas allows for our carriers to adjust to taller, more board torsos. Check out our carrier comparison chart to see the measurements for each of our carriers. 

2. Try It On 

Related to our first tip, it's very helpful to try on a carrier before purchasing or using it with your baby. Trying on a carrier will help you determine if you and any other person who might be wearing the carrier will be able to get it adjusted to fit each of you, secure the buckles on your own, and that you are comfortable. 

3. Get a Print That You Love

It may or may not seem important, but having a baby carrier in a print or style you enjoy will likely encourage you to use it more. Like a favorite t-shirt you love to wear, your carrier will become softer with each carry and an item you use almost daily. So, get a print you love. Luckily, we make a wide variety of prints to choose from! 

4. Be Sure to Practice 

Once you have decided on the perfect print, be sure to practice using your carrier before baby arrives to ensure you know how it functions. Practicing will help you find the right amount of adjustments you might have to make between you and your partner and help you feel more confident when it's time to use with baby. There is an instruction manual included with every Tula carrier, but you can also find help tutorial videos on our site, which can be helpful to walk through with a stuffed animal or sack of flour. As new, sleep-deprived parents, having practiced wearing your carrier will help you recall all of the important steps. 

5. Start Bonding Right Away

When your baby arrives, a baby carrier can be can help you to begin fostering a bond with them. It's also a secure and reassuring way to venture out of your home for short walks or to handle small errands like loading a dishwasher. Your baby carrier can be your sidekick while you and your partner tag team the intense experience of caring for a new baby.

By eight weeks of age, infants can tell the difference between their mother’s and father’s interaction with them. So, it's important that you and baby are connecting early on. Our Explore Carrier, Free-To-Grow Carrier, and Half Buckle Carrier allow you to carry baby beginning at 7lb. without an infant insert, making it easy to start bonding right away.  

6. Enjoy Adventures while Baby Faces Out

Once baby has grown a bit and is meeting the milestones for the facing out position, you can enjoy unique experiences with them while in a Tula Explore Baby Carrier. The Explore Baby Carrier allows for the facing out position, in addition to the front, facing in carry and the back carry positions. Baby should have full head and neck control, some torso control, and be able to have their chin clear the top of the panel to use the facing out position in the Explore carrier. The facing out position might be keenly aligned with how fathers uniquely interact with their babies and seek to explore the world together. 

Happy Babywearing to all the Dads!

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