Top Tula Products of 2018

We always love knowing what our community is enjoying from our collection of Tula Carrier and Blanket prints because we're always looking for your feedback regarding what we make next. As we approach the end of the year, we were curious as to what were your favorite new Tula prints from 2018 based on their popularity when released. Read on to see if your top Tula item of 2018 made the list and to see some of our recent exciting releases. 

Top 5 Tula Baby Carrier Prints of 2018

While we still had some past prints, like Discover or Blossom, that continued to be top sellers, 2018 brought us a wide range of popular prints that showcased the large variety of styles we brought to you. Here are our top 5 Carrier prints from 2018 


Sleepy Dust 

Coast Syrena Sky 




Top 10 Tula Blanket Prints of 2018

In 2018, we released so many blanket prints! There were many creative and fun designs that were playful and meaningful. Here are the top 10 Tula Blanket prints of 2018 




Choo Choo

Under the Stars


Cretaceous Party 



Meeyoo Love


Baby Tula's Most Exciting Releases of 2018

Amongst the variety of prints, we also introduced some exciting additions to what we offer and teamed up with some incredibly stylish friends. Here are some of the most exciting products we released in 2018 and two of our favorite collaboration prints we created in our blanket and carrier collections. 

Tula Explore Carrier

Tula Half Buckle 

Tula Shoes 

Oh Joy X Baby Tula

June and January X Baby Tula


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