Meet the Tula Linen Collection


When we set out to find a fresh addition to the Baby Tula carrier selection, we looked at material grown from the earth. Just like the first blooms of Spring, the Tula Linen collection provides moments of tenderness and delight.

A Refined Look With Incredible Properties

Look closely, and you will notice a sophisticated herringbone pattern in the fabric that adds to its year-round aesthetic appeal. This carrier will flourish just as beautifully in a winter wonderland as it does strolling down the beach boardwalk in the summer. The stylish simplicity and exceptional comfort of Tula Linen makes it the perfect everyday linen baby carrier. Linen is versatile in many climates and strong. Let’s learn more about why Tula chose linen to add to our current lineup of carriers.

Tula Linen Explore Ash

Cuddles Grown From the Earth

Everyone is familiar with the look of linen from its presence in fashion and upholstery. But, you might not be familiar with how it is sourced. Linen is a product of the flax plant. The plants are typically pulled by hand from the ground then left in the field to soften before they are sorted and spun into yarn. This lengthy process is why linen is often considered a luxury fabric.

Linen is also considered a more sustainable option, compared to synthetic material. It is a low water crop and less waste is created in its production. Flax is also said to require less synthetic or natural treatment for pests and fungus due to its own natural properties.

Combined with cotton, the material used for the Tula Linen collection has a much softer hand feel than perhaps expected.

Tula Linen Baby Carriers in Linen Ash Color. Toddler on left is in Tula Free-to-Grow. Baby on the right is forward facing in a Tula Explore.

What Makes Linen Great for Baby Carriers?

Linen has been used to make fabric for over 6,000 years for good reason. It has natural properties that make it, both, practical in addition to having a subtle beauty. While still being lightweight, linen is incredibly strong. In fact, it is one of the strongest natural fibers and gets stronger with washing.

Linen is a staple in warm and humid climates worldwide because of its airy feel and moisture-wicking properties that make it dry quickly. The temperature regulating properties of flax fibers will help to keep you cool in warm seasons.

Especially in warmer weather, carrying a baby can feel like you have added a snuggly heater onto your chest. A breathable carrier, like the Tula Linen baby carrier, that can keep you both drier and cooler is an incredible asset.

Linen is even said to have natural anti-bacterial properties. With all the hormonal changes that can come in fourth-trimester life, having that added funk-fighting boost is smart, even if it isn’t glamorous. Overall, Tula Linen is an ideal option to consider for your babywearing needs. 
Tula Linen Sand Linen Baby Carrier in Explore and Free-to-Grow model


Tula Comfort

With a Tula Linen baby carrier, you do not have to sacrifice comfort for a more personalized stylish look. This new collection was initially only available in our best-selling Free-to-Grow and Explore style carriers, but for the summer of 2022, you can now purchase Tula Linen Toddler! You will have all the comfortable features like our streamlined padded shoulders and a supportive waistband that have made Baby Tula carriers a favorite for over a decade.

You can trust that all of our carriers have prioritized the natural shape and position of your baby. Both the Explore baby carrier and the Free-To-Grow baby carrier can be fully adjusted to fit around you and baby. They each have a weight range of 7 to 45lbs. allowing for snuggles from birth and beyond.

Your Tula will always be intuitively designed and simple to use because we know you have enough to think about. We adore the many benefits of babywearing and want to help you do it comfortably for as long as you need to.  
Tula Linen Explore Rain in forward facing position

What's New for 2022

When we were developing the Tula Linen line, we were excited about the prospect of bringing you a brand new fiber option that would perform well in different climates year-round and a fresh look. We have been so overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response from our community. Long-term Tula fans and brand new families chose and loved Tula Linen so much.

There were many requests for Tula Linen to expand into the toddler size, and we are happy to announce that Toddler Sand and Toddler Ash are available now!

Our Toddler Tula has a weight limit of 60 pounds and is best suited for older toddlers who wear a size 2T pants for length. However, that doesn't mean you can't use your Explore and Free-to-Grow until your season of babywearing is over. Our toddler size offers larger dimensions than the largest settings on both of our adjustable carriers, so you can continue the convenient perk of having two hands free when little legs get tired. In addition, a Toddler Tula can be a game-changer for summer travel and adventures with a larger toddler. 

Tula Linen Toddler Carriers. 2 photos of caregivers wearing their children on their backs at the beach.

Our team has been working diligently to keep up with demand for Explore and Free-to-Grow in our core colors, Sand, Ash, and Rain, and introduce new seasonal color options.

As part of our Seaside Collection in June, Linen Seafoam was born. Capturing the waves on the ocean's shore, Seafoam is a beautiful soft aqua color inspired by sunbleached landscapes close to the sea. It is available in our Explore and Free-to-Grow carrier.

Tula Linen Seafoam Free-to-Grow and Tula Linen Seafoam Explore worn by caregivers at the beach
Small newborn baby in Linen Seafoam Tula Free-to-Grow
We also could not leave out all the babywearing kids! So our Mini Toy Carrier is now available in Linen Sand. 

2 children wearing Tula Linen Mini Toy Carriers in the color Sand

Do you love Tula Linen? What colors would you like to see added to the collection? We love connecting with you on Instagram, Tik Tok, and in the Tula Love Facebook Group.
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