What is Tula Signature?

What is the Tula Signature Collection?

Since 2012, Baby Tula has been offering limited edition releases of our premium line of baby and toddler carriers, crafted from premium woven fabric.

The Tula Signature collection is a testament to the craftsmanship we value as a brand that is personalized and intentional. What makes our woven carriers truly unique is how each carrier is thoughtfully designed, in collaboration with unique artists, using elegant woven fabric and sewn by one of our seamstresses in the town where Baby Tula began—Bialystok, Poland. Their rarity is based on the intricate process taken to create the woven fabric made available to us and the valued time and artistic methods used to craft each of these limited edition baby carriers.

Our traditional Tula Baby Carriers and our woven Signature carriers are offered in the same carrier styles: Explore Baby Carrier, Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier, Standard Baby Carrier, and Toddler Carrier. However, while offering the ease and comfortable support of a soft structure buckle carrier, the woven carriers in the Signature collection celebrate the textile artistry and ultra-soft feel of woven fabric distinct in its ability to mold softly around your baby while still being supportive. 


What makes Signature unique?

Under this dedicated collection, we strive to share more about the craft and care that is taken at each point in the creation process. As well as, broaden our reach to new families and caregivers across the world. Some of the differentiators you may notice include:

A Signature Look: To help this collection stand out from our broader assortment of carriers, you’ll notice an aesthetic specifically aligned to reflect the spectrum of colors in these carriers, the level of artistry that goes into their design, and a mood that reflects the personalized and softer characteristics of the collection.

Fresh Designs and Collaborations: Our Signature Collection wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible artisanship of the community of weavers and partners that we work with. We are constantly searching for and planning new designs that celebrate the immense skill and highlight the artistic ability of our partner weavers.

Weaver and Artisan Spotlights: The stories behind our weavers, their designs, and delicate craftsmanship are not only what makes each partner so special, but each and every Signature Collection carrier special too. Follow our blog as we dive into the stories behind the people the beautiful woven fabric from initial concept to the completed woven carrier that arrives at your door. We value the transparency and collective craftsmanship that the creation process involves, so we will be sharing more of each step in the process, introducing you to the majority female artists and small business owners that we source our woven fabric from, and providing behind the scenes content with our seamstresses in Bialystok who craft these carriers one-by-one.

Enjoy this video showcasing the detailed process of making a handwoven Signature Carrier: 


Limited Edition Releases: To best accommodate our growing community across multiple time zones, our international releases are held at 6 pm Pacific Time every other Wednesday.

Rotating Monthly Collection: Not able to participate in one of our limited release stockings? Some of our partners are generous enough to provide us with enough of their woven material to allow us to produce greater quantities than those offered in our biweekly assortment. Each month, we’ll highlight some of these designs in a rotating collection, readily available for purchase on our website at babytula.com/signature.

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