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June & January x Tula

Close up of baby resting on a rainbow dot covered blanket

Few things make us happier than a rainbow spectrum of color. That’s why we knew we had found some kindred spirits with our friends at June & January. Sharing an appreciation for stylish simplicity and bold celebration of color, we just knew our brands had to work together! We’re so excited to share our collaboration with June and January – Confetti Dot!

You’ll be able to enjoy this colorful design as your favorite Tula Carriers and Blankets to complement your favorite June & January apparel. “Confetti Dot” Free-To-Grow and Toddlers Carriers and Baby and Cuddle Me Blankets will be available on Tuesday, July 24th, at 10AM PDT on!

Caregiver is walking with baby relaxing in a Tula carrier. The carrier has a black background with rainbow colored dots all over.

We chatted with June & January to help you learn a little more about this fun brand and see why we were so eager to work with them!

 How would you describe June & January?

June & January believes that kids are fun, and their clothes should be too! Our aesthetic is full of bright colors and bold prints with modern babies, tots and kiddos in mind. 

Three babies dressed in bright colors rest on top of a Tula Blanket

What inspired “Confetti Dot”?

We designed it to showcase all of the cool colors we make in a fun way. What is more fun than dots?? We love how all the colors together resemble confetti. That's how the name of this special print came to life – Confetti Dot: A playful twist on our Dot print. 

A couple look at each other and smile while leaning on a wall that has art that reads "More Love". The couple is holding hands. One caregiver is holding their baby in a Tula Free-to-Grow in the Confetti Dot print.

Are you as excited to work with Baby Tula as we are to work with you?

We are Tula lovers here at June & January! Our team is made up of 13 hard working women and mothers who really value the art of multi-tasking. The Tula Carrier is what many of the mamas on our team use to be able to juggle motherhood and work. We all love how comfortable it is compared to other brands and how fun the prints and designs are. (Babywearing should be fun too, right?) 

Thanks for chatting with us, Team June & January! We can’t wait to see all the June & January x Tula pairings!

 Follow us ( and June & January ( to learn more about this release and other exciting things!


NEW Back-To-School Collection

boy and his mother back his lunch bag inside of a Tula backpack

Take a look at our newest back-to-school with Lunch bags! Five adorable designs and a streamlined, stylish way to bring your little one's food fuel! Our Tula Lunch Bags perfectly in our Tula Kids Backpack and made of sturdy material to withstand school days. Check out the full collection below and read why we LOVE this new school essential! 


Perfect size to fit the lunch for your little one.


100% water-resistant polyester fabric allows for easy cleaning.

boy holds up lunchbag in the air. It has black and white stripes. He is in a kitchen with his mother preparing lunch.


Keep lunch at the perfect temperature all day with the roomy pocket to fit most ice packs.

close up of the lunch bag. It has a green background with wild animals all over. The lunch bag is open and you can see an ice pack in the interior pocket.


Fits perfectly in our Kids Backpacks and comes in fun and unique prints that coordinate.

Mother and son are finishing packing his lunch. They are putting his lunch bag inside of the Tula Kids Backpack.


Check out all of the prints! 

 'Unicornicopia' is exploding with cuteness with a unicorn filled design, against puffy clouds, stars, and pink skies. It will be available in a lunch bag and kids backpack.


'Transform' is simple, yet bold, with black and white lines. It will be available in a lunch bag and a kids backpack. 

 'Safari' has a wildly fun scene of exotic animals, reptiles, and insects creating a design sure to be adored by your little animal lover. The print will be available in a lunch bag and a kids backpack.  

"Marigold" has large blooms and bouquets of flowers filling a cream backdrop with a rich display of color. The print will be available in a lunch bag and a kids backpack. 

'Chomp' has a playful pattern of grinning gray sharks on a dark navy background. The print will be available in a lunch bag and a kids backpack. 


'First Place' celebrates the games we love to play with different sports equipment, stars, and heartbeats tossed across a bright teal blue background. This print is only available as a bonus kids backpack. 

See the new collection of Kids Backpacks in action!

The full back-to-school collection will be available on Friday, July 20th at 10AM PDT on Which print are you most excited about?

Woven Spotlight: Tekhni Wovens

Our Tula Wrap Conversion line gives us the opportunity to work with weavers, woven wrap brands...and often small women-run businesses. Multiple visionaries come together to create every single Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier, beginning with the beautiful variety of woven wraps made near and far. We value the opportunity to work with these textile artists and celebrate them in our weaver and woven spotlights. In this post, we feature one of our newest collaborators, Alisa and Tekhni Wovens. We asked Alisa to share a little bit about Tekhni for those new to or wondering about this popular woven wrap company. 

For those not familiar with Tekhni, can you tell us a little bit about the company and what you make? 

Tekhni is a woman-owned, made in USA brand that designs, manufacturers and sells wraparound baby carriers, ring slings, bags, blankets and accessories.  We started with wraps in 2013 and have added to our lineup of products and "Tekcessories" over the years.  Whatever your need, there's always a Tekhni for that!

Who is behind the scenes of Tekhni? 

I, Alisa, am the sole owner of Tekhni, with a team of amazing folks who keep it running with their knowledge, passion, and expertise.  Team Tekhni is spread out over the world, with a grouping of local seamstresses and in-house specialists, extending out to the coasts, and even to the middle east!  Most people on our team are mothers, and everyone is paid living wages.  We have flexible hours and focus on a work-life balance.

How long has Tekhni existed? Can you share how the company was started? 

We are coming up on our 5 year anniversary.  Previous to Tekhni I worked full-time outside the home as a graphic and packaging designer for a larger company. To stay connected to my children, I wore them in wraps and slings and followed attachment parenting tenants.  In my free time, I did design work for other babywearing companies domestically and abroad, and was a dye artist-- I enjoyed working with fabric and being able to express myself creatively.  However, first and foremost I was a mom to 3 children under 5.  The stress of working full time was weighing on me, and I wanted to be there when my oldest son got off the bus from kindergarten. I also wanted to create a brand of wraps that reflected my style and needs-- bold, modern and graphic, USA made, woman-centric, with a focus on comfort and attainability.  So with the support of my husband, I started planning:  I quit my career, took my life savings and started "Tekhni".  

How would you describe your designs and your inspiration for the woven wraps you make? 

I wanted a brand that was more contemporary and modern in feel-- graphically bold with a gender-neutral appeal. Earlier designs were inspired by dobby-style weaving and traditional patterns.  Studies in shape, form, and color, and how these elements work with weave and fabric construction all play into Tekhni designs.  I follow color and design trends, and always listen to our customers.  

What do fans of Tekhni love about your woven wraps?

Tekhni customers love our commitment to accessibility and sustainability, all while providing an easy to use and care for wrap with great customer service! Repreve is a huge fan favorite-- Tekhni was proudly the first company in the babywearing industry to introduce it, and we currently work with Repreve as a tier-one approved brand. In the spirit of Repreve, we upcycle everything-- no fabric scraps get thrown away.  That's how our accessory line was born!  We also provide one-on-one customer care support from first product purchase-- education throughout parenthood. When fans purchase a Tekhni woven product they’re gaining a community and team that’s excited to help them with their caregiving journey. 

Most of all? Tekhni woven wraps are fun!  We enjoy playing with fun design and vibrant color, and our customers agree.  The combination of bold patterns, strong colorways, and Repreve blend fabrics make us stand out from the crowd!

What are you looking forward to with the creation of Tekhni x Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers? 

I love the fresh and fun feel of Tula Carriers and products!  They have grown into a diverse lifestyle brand with an emphasis on things Tekhni is also passionate about-- modern design elements, babywearing comfort, everyday accessibility.  Tula has helped normalize babywearing, and bring it to the average parent.  I hope the Tekhni x Tula Wrap Conversion collection will give people a chance to truly enjoy the beauty and details of yarn-dyed, USA-woven fabric in the ease of a structured carrier. 

Where can people go to learn about the exciting things that Tekhni is up to? 

You can find us online to see new designs and products!  Our website is a wealth of information and a great touch point for past and future designs and projects.  In addition, we work with a variety of retailers worldwide who run their own exclusives, and you can find details via those authorized retailers.  A list and map can be found on our website.

Definitely check us out on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and visual sneak-peeks of whats to come!

Thank you Alisa for takkng the time to chat with us! Be sure to watch for our Wrap Conversion releases to find out when Tekhni Wovens make their appearance as Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers! 



Understanding Baby Tula from A to Z

Are you new to the Tula-verse? Do you look at comments and wonder what is everyone talking about?! We wanted to create a quick and helpful dictionary to help ease you into this amazing community of Tula! Our Tula-vets - did we miss anything? Do you have anything to add? Share it with us in the comments!

A is for Accessorize

You bought your new carrier, now what?! Accessorize of course! Ask for examples in Tula Love, or check out the many Etsy shops with WAHM's (work at home moms) selling handmade accessories to customize your carrier. They make, suck pads, reach straps, replacement hoods and more! For more inspiration, visit our Baby Tula Accessories board on Pinterest!

B is for Backpacks

Our line of Tula Kids Backpacks is full of ultra-stylish prints and they're all made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric! Perfect for showing your Tula love beyond your babywearing days. 

#fashiongoals inspired by this adorable outfit and #tulabackpack combo! Now if I could only look that cute in a bow. 😂 . 📷: @livingincolorblog . 🔍: Play Tula Kids Backpack . . #babytula #tulalovecollective #tulakidsbackpacks #toddlerfashion #kidbackpack #fallfashion #fallkidsfashion #backtoschoolstyle #kidsfallfashion #kidsfashion

A post shared by Baby Tula (@tulababycarriers) on

C is for Collector's Club

The Tula Collector's Club is our rewards program where you can earn points for different actions and redeem those points for a discount off future orders!

D is for DISO

Every person has their ultimate dream Tula, whether it's a blanket, a carrier, a Wrap Conversion, etc. this is called their DISO, which stands for Desperately In Search Of.

E is for EUC

Are you buying a pre-loved Tula item from a buy/sell/trade group? You might see EUC to mean that it's in Excellent Used Condition, so while it may not be brand new, it's in excellent condition!

F is for Fluff Mail

Fluff Mail is the ultimate prize - getting your prized Tula product in the mail! Our community loves showing off what comes in the mail, so you might see a photo of a package asking if you want to see what's inside. 

G is for Gathered Shoulder

All of our Tula Ring Slings come with a gathered shoulder. When wearing a Ring Sling, make sure you spread the fabric over your shoulder to help distribute the weight and have a more comfortable carry!

H is for Hip Pouch

Have you seen our newest accessory- the Tula Hip Pouch? The Tula Hip Pouch solves your need for a compact, convenient way to carry your items and your baby. Wear it around your waist, over your shoulder, across your body or attach it to your Tula Carrier.

Hip pouch ready for the three day weekend. 💁🏻‍♀️ . 📸: @artinthefind . . . #babytula #tulalovecollective #tulahippouch #babybump #threedayweekend #growwithtula

A post shared by Baby Tula (@babytula) on

I is for IRL

IRL stands for In Real Life. You'll see this a lot when people want to see live/action shots of a certain carrier or blanket. People post pics of themselves using the item in different settings and lighting to give you an idea of what it looks like aside from the product photos on the Tula website or social. 

J is for Jacquard

A jacquard is the solid print blanket that comes with all blanket sets! These are specially woven to have a special pattern in them rather than a printed design. They make the perfect swaddles and the best accessory for baby photos!

We adore this "Due Date" photo from @ash_palmer that includes a #tulablanket. Was your baby born on their due date? Comment and let us know! . . . #duedate #babyblanket #babyblankets #newborn #newbornphotography #newbornbaby #sleepydust #sleepy #sleepingbeauty #limegreen

A post shared by Baby Tula (@tulababycarriers) on

K is for Kissable

When carrying your baby in a Tula, you always want them to be Visible and Kissable! Close enough to kiss is a good rule of thumb for any babywearing!

Number 1 reason for babywearing...the endless cuddles! 😍😍 Hope you're enjoying equally adorable cuddles this weekend! . 📷: @happilyhazel . . . #babytula #tulalovecollective #tulababycarriers #babycarrier #babywearing #cuddles #wearallthebabies

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L is for Last Chance

Have you checked out our discounted Last Chance Sale?! These are discontinued prints that will never be made available again! Once they're gone, they're gone!

M is for "M" Shape Position

An "M" Shape Position is the ideal position that you want baby in while in your carrier. This means the bum sits slightly below the knees, making an M-like shape in their seated position.

N is for NWT

NWT stands New With Tags, you'll see this on a lot of the buy/sell/trade posts that people are selling brand new items with the tags still on.

O is for OOAK

OOAK is a special term for those One-Of-A-Kind items. It might be a Tula sample that never went into production, a Wrap Conversion Carrier that only one exists of in a particular size and design, or a customized product by many of the wonderful WAHMs!

P is for PFAs

Our Standard and Toddler carriers come with an important adjustment-helper called PFAs (Perfect Fit Adjusters) at the top of the panel where the shoulder straps start. These PFAs help keep baby close to your body and provides added length for taller caregivers.

#tulateaches tip: The adjustable straps at the top of your arm straps and body panel, called the Perfect Fit Adjusters or PFAs, are made to help adjust your Tula Carrier to fit your body. However, we recommend that you keep your PFAs fully tightened to ensure your baby is snug enough to move as one with you. This will allow for longer, more comfortable carrying. . . . #babytula #babywearing #tulababycarriers #babycarrier #babywearing101

A post shared by Baby Tula (@tulababycarriers) on

Q is for Quick Ups

One of the many benefits of a Ring Sling is that it provides for a fast and easy carrying option for "Quick Ups" when running a quick errand!

R is for Ring Shot

You have to try taking a Ring Shot the moment you receive your Fluff Mail! Use your left hand (or baby's hand!) to cover your address on the label and then share your unveiling with the Tula Love community!

S is for Sleepy Dust

Sleepy Dust is what you get in EVERY piece of Tula Fluff Mail! It's this magic potion that no baby can resist and they instantly fall asleep!
Dorothy with Oz 💕#tuladorothy #tulalovecollective #babywearing #backcarry A photo posted by Priscilla Parra (@priscilla_with_two) on

T is for TITW

Have you ever been in public wearing your Tula and heard "TULA IN THE WILD"?! Well if you hear those sacred words, be sure to give the response "CAW CAW". This hilarious call and response was dreamed up by members of of our community and has been a funny way to say hello to your fellow Tula lovers! This works both, if you see someone wearing a Tula, be sure to give the call "TULA IN THE WILD"!

U is for Ula

Our fearless founder, Ula! The originator and creator of all things Tula!

A hike. D.L. Bliss State Park

A post shared by Ula (@ula_t_) on

V is for Viscose

Viscose is what all of our Tula Baby Blankets are made from! Each one is made of 100% Viscose, which is produced from specially processed bamboo pulp that gives our blankets a plump, fluid softness that maintains a light feel while being ultra-soft.

W is for Wrap Conversion

Baby Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers are our premiere, limited edition style of luxury baby carriers. Artistic, unique designs, often utilizing handwoven and hand-dyed woven wraps, and handmade craftsmanship give our Wrap Conversion Carriers a distinct beauty that is rare and coveted. Wrap Conversions are released every other Sunday and announced on our Facebook and Instagram!

Our exciting release of limited Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers will happen in 30 minutes! Choose from a selection of artful designs and stunning colored Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers in Free-to-Grow, Coast, Standard, and Toddler styles. They will appear, at the links below, at 3:00PM PT: . WC Free-to-Grow Size . Baby Tula - Wrap Conversion Carrier Standard Size . Baby Tula - Wrap Conversion Toddler Size . . . #babytula #tulababycarriers #babycarrier #babywearing #tulawrapconversion

A post shared by Baby Tula (@tulababycarriers) on

X is for eXclusive

Did you know sometimes a Tula print can be an EXCLUSIVE? This is a print that only a retailer or we (Baby Tula) will carry! We even occasionally do exclusive prints for events like MommyCon or the International Babywearing Conference. Be sure to follow your local retailer(s) to see if they have any fun, new prints that you won't find at

Y is for Year-Long Warranty

All of our carrier purchases come with a one-year warranty! Visit our website for more information on our warranty program.

Z is for Zoo Animals

We know lots of you love cute and cuddly critters! We have so many prints that show some of our favorite Zoo animals - like Queen Koala, Roar!, Clever and Polar Caps!

Wild Hearts Carrier Giveaway!

Sometimes you want to carry and sometimes you want to stroll... Enter our giveaway to win one of THREE Limited Edition Tula + Ergobaby collaboration.

You'll win:

  1. Coast 'Wild Hearts' Free-to-Grow Carrier
  2. Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller with a coordinating 'Wild Hearts' sunshade

The ultimate parenting bundle! Check all the boxes with this comfortable and easy-to-use Tula Baby Carrier to ergonomically carry baby from 7-45 pounds, paired with the 180 Reversible Stroller that allows baby to face you or the world with just one easy click!

Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to the US only. Giveaway ends June 20, 2018 at 11:59pm.


Summer Travel Tips with Kids...AND TULA

1. Cover-Ups are perfect for post-pool snacks

Cover-Ups are the perfect accessory to pack for the beach, pool or post-bath! They take up barely any space in your luggage so you can pack them for each child.

Beacusssse: pool life- 💦 Becausssse: 3 day weekend- ☀️ Becausssse: sharing is caring- 👯‍♀️ Becausssse: we know how to enjoy life🍦

A post shared by Lia (@lia_tard) on

2. Use a Hip Pouch for an easy crossbody through the airport

Crossbody is just 1 of 6 ways to wear your versatile Hip Pouch! Click here to read more ways to utilize your Tula Hip Pouch.

3. Managing luggage and an airport is near impossible without a baby carrier!

Being hands-free is a MUST when traveling through busy airports and streets. Babywearing can help keep baby close and give you the flexibility to carry/pull your luggage and bags. Click here to see how babywearing can help with your travels!

Flying solo with just the babies This was us this morning before we got on our flight. We are beach bound and so excited, Goldie's gaze is zeroed in on a big crow here but I promise, she's been bouncing off the walls I surprised her with a trip to San Diego before she starts Pre K next week. She's feeling like such big girl now so I told her if she helps me with River on the flights then we can go without daddy. So happy, they both did so amazing and slept All the emotions are starting to flow when I see her act like a little mama and when I think of her walking in that darling classroom full of happy children ️

A post shared by Jess Thomas Goldie & River (@sheandwolf) on

4. Tula Kids Backpacks allow your little one to carry their favorite travel items themselves!

Our line of Kids Backpacks are made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric, so durable enough to handle any Summer trip you have planned! And they fit so much, see some examples in our 5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack blog post.

5. Pack a Cuddle Me Blanket for a perfect blanket on the plane, but rolls up small in your bag!

These adult blankets are just the right size to keep you warm, but not too hot on the airplane. And with their lightweight fabric, they fold up easily to fit in your purse or luggage!


15 Ways to Say "No Visitors" After Baby

15 Ways to Say No Visitors After Baby

We recently had a few expecting parents on the Tula team which reminded us that there are so many questions that come with welcoming a baby. We thought we would help answer some of these questions by asking our community to share their personal experiences and ideas.

Our question: Is there a polite way to say "no visitors" right after a baby is born? Here's what some of you said:

  1. "The BEST advice I got, should you end up with visitors or are around grabby people who want to hold baby, is to wrap that baby up in your favorite (Tula of course!) carrier or wrap." - Kate T.
  2. "I made a Facebook post. Telling everyone we appreciated their thoughts and prayers, but we wanted to spend quality time as a family of 3 before my husband returned to work. And if anyone wanted to stop by, to please text or call to ensure we're awake and accepting visitors." - Alishia S.
  3. "We waited a day with each of our kids. Best decision we ever made. We got sweet, precious, bonding time as a family that we can never recreate. No visitors to make happy or be shy around when nursing for those first times. It's your family and your time. You can't get it back. Make the memories you wish for!" - Leah H.
  4. "We have a meet the baby party. Basically, we have an open house for a few hours some day after baby is born. Light snacks and drinks. No one who is sick is allowed over. Then we hole up for a few months." - Laura K.
  5. "We know how keen you are to meet our newest member, but please allow us time to get to know each other. If you wish to visit, please contact myself or my partner on xxxx and we will let you know if we are up for visitors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation." - Lu W.
  6. "We felt the same way and made announcements at our baby showers and on social media that we were super excited and would be sure to let everyone know once we were ready to accept visitors. We also didn't announce her birth to anyone outside immediate family until we got home from the hospital." - Lauren K.
  7. "Explain that you would like time to rest and for your family to spend time getting to know the newest member." - Lisa L.
  8. "I assign a family member to stand guard. (Hubby or mom) to be blunt and let people know if/when they can visit." - Olivia S.
  9. "Hubby screened all the visitors for us. We weren’t going to have hospital visitors but bubs was there for nearly two weeks so we said yes to immediate family and had visitors one person or couple per day. Then when home spaced visitors out over a couple months." - @brookekeckhardt
  10. "I said yes to immediate family only, but even with them I made sure they washed and sanitized their hand up to their elbows. I think the nicest way to say that you don't want visitors is to just say, At the moment you want bonding time to get to know your baby and your little family and ask that they respect your wishes and you'll let them know when you're ready for visits." - @kayladlove
  11. "I didn't tell people we had the baby until we were ready for visitors. That was the easiest. And it helped us avoid people stopping in during the birthing process. We wanted it to only be me and my husband. It was so intimate, even though none of it went according to plan." - @kluvbug0206
  12. "Once I became a mom saying no (along with many other things) became much easier. You just say no." - @summerluludesigns
  13. “We’ll let you know when we’re ready for guests. Thank you for giving us the chance to settle in with our newest family member.” - @k8paynter
  14. "Scheduling a meet and greet is a great way to deter visitors. Let everyone know that mom and baby are getting acquainted and you would love for everyone to meet baby after 6 weeks (or whenever)." - @fairlybrutal
  15. “We are so excited to welcome _______ into our lives. We will for sure let everyone know when is a good time for visitors.” - @mayzay99

Share your responses and thoughts on this question, mom to mom or parent to parent, in the comments!


Summer Style Guide

Ice cream, sunny beach days, and fireworks: these are a few of our favorite signs of Summer. Also warming our hearts are the 2018 Summer style trends below.

Pretty in Pastels

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream pastels. These pretty colors are great for adding a fresh, light feel to your summer wardrobe. Some of our newest carriers, like Party Pieces and Love You So Much, utilize these popular colors.

Coast Party Pieces Free-to-Grow Carrier

Paint Palette Free-to-Grow Carrier

Love You So Much Free-to-Grow Carrier

Bright and Bold

If you're looking to make a statement, bright colors are a fun way to add a loud POP! to an outfit. Make your statement with a bright and bold carrier print. Or pair your more neutral carrier with a bright top and bottom.

Coast Pesky Baby Carrier

Let Me Entertain You Baby Carrier

Celebrate Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

Flirty Florals

Even though spring has sprung, these flowers are blooming all summer long. Floral dresses are a popular item for summer wardrobe fashion, but we prefer our florals on carriers this season. Our floral carriers come in several versatile patterns, so finding one to coordinate best with your wardrobe is simple. 

Blossom Standard Carrier

Marigold Free-to-Grow Carrier

Bliss Bouquet Baby Carrier

Julia James Bloom Ring Sling

The Pack is Back

Fanny packs, belt bags, and hip packs are all making a huge comeback. Convenient and practical, these bags allow you to carry your belongings hands-free and hassle-free. Concerned about reliving the 80s? Try our Tula Hip Pouch–they're an update to this old-school trend that has a more stylish and modern approach. They convert to a crossbody and over-the-shoulder bag too, so wear them in many different ways with anything in your closet! 

Imagine Hip Pouch

Imagine Hip Pouch 2Storytail Hip Pouch

What styles are you loving lately? Share with us your favorite summer looks in the comments of this post or tag us on Instagram @babytula. 

For more style inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram

style guide, summer, summer style, tula carriers, Tula Trends

Ju-Ju-Be x Tula for buy buy Baby

When our first Ju-Ju-Be x Tula collaboration was hit, we knew we needed to team up with Ju-Ju-Be again. This time, we are collaborating to bring three distinct designs exclusively to buy buy Baby! You’ll be able to get your own stylish Tula Baby Carrier and gorgeous Ju-Ju-Be bags on June 12th in select buy buy Baby stores and online.

Celebrate the newest Ju-Ju-Be x Tula collection on  June 9th at the buybuy BABY store in Brooklyn, NY (850 3rd Ave.) and enjoy event prizes, activities, and advance purchase of the three new designs. RSVP now! Read on to see our brand new prints and learn why we’re so excited to be teaming up with Ju-Ju-Be again! 


"Wallflower" has a perfect balance of eye-catching design and fresh, modern appeal to brighten your everyday. Bold blooms of flowers, in blues and pinks, dance across a steel gray background. "Wallflower" will be available as a fully printed Free-to-Grow Carrier. 



"Shoreline" exudes a chill mood with repeating waves of soft hues. Horizontal lines, with soft edges, rush across this carrier in pinks, blues, browns, greens, and yellows creating a sophisticated, yet sweet design. "Shoreline" will be available as a fully printed Free-to-Grow Carrier and a Toddler Tula Carrier. 


“Black Lightning

"Black Lightning" is an electrifying, cool design! An abstract pattern of lightning bolts over lap each other, in black, gray, and green colors, to create an almost camouflage look. "Black Lightning" will be available as a Free-to-Grow Carrier and a Toddler Tula Carrier. 

 Why are we ecstatic to be collaborating with Ju-Ju-Be? Like Baby Tula, Ju-Ju-Be offers a variety of hip prints in so many different diaper bag and accessories. They strive to offer great options and make parenting fun with their clever prints that range from classic to whimsy. They don’t stop at setting a high bar for style; their bags are all hand-sewn, made with high-quality materials, and have savvy designs too.  

We both have enthusiastic communities, offering various prints and styles that fit their personal needs and desires.  Our close connection to the people who love both brands has created a worldwide community of families that bond with each other, as well as, with us. Bringing these two communities of passionate families felt natural and we can’t wait to bring these fun buy buy Baby exclusive prints to them!



buy buy Baby exclusive, exclusive prints, Ju-Ju-Be, jujubextula, tula baby carrier, tula collaborations

Understanding How a Wrap Conversion is Named

Understanding How a Wrap Conversion is Named

When browsing our selection of Wrap Conversion Carriers, you should have a good understanding of what each part of the product listing name means. To help better explain, we've broken it down by part!

1. This is how much woven wrap material is used to create your carrier. Full, Semi (partial) or Half of the carrier. To learn more about the difference between each of these, read our blog here.

2. If the Carrier says "Coast" that means it has our mesh panel and hood, if it doesn't say Coast it's a regular full wrap panel. To shop our canvas Coast Carriers, click here.

3. This is where you'll see the size/style - Free-to-Grow, Standard, Toddler or Half Buckle. Not sure which baby carrier is right for you? Click here to find the best baby carrier option for you!

4. You'll see the weaver's name, which is the brand/creator of the woven wrap. Some examples are Girasol, Meeyoo, Erizo, Mad Hatter, etc.

5. Next you'll find the design name of the wrap

6. This is the weft color used. The weaver and wrap name may be the same, but the weft can make a big difference to the look of the wrap. The weft is the color running across the entire design of the wrap. Click here to see some weft examples.


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