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Summer Travel Tips with Kids...AND TULA

1. Cover-Ups are perfect for post-pool snacks

Cover-Ups are the perfect accessory to pack for the beach, pool or post-bath! They take up barely any space in your luggage so you can pack them for each child.

2. Use a Hip Pouch for an easy crossbody through the airport

Crossbody is just 1 of 6 ways to wear your versatile Hip Pouch! Click here to read more ways to utilize your Tula Hip Pouch.

3. Managing luggage and an airport is near impossible without a baby carrier!

Being hands-free is a MUST when traveling through busy airports and streets. Babywearing can help keep baby close and give you the flexibility to carry/pull your luggage and bags. Click here to see how babywearing can help with your travels!

4. Tula Kids Backpacks allow your little one to carry their favorite travel items themselves!

Our line of Kids Backpacks are made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric, so durable enough to handle any Summer trip you have planned! And they fit so much, see some examples in our 5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack blog post.

5. Pack a Cuddle Me Blanket for a perfect blanket on the plane, but rolls up small in your bag!

These adult blankets are just the right size to keep you warm, but not too hot on the airplane. And with their lightweight fabric, they fold up easily to fit in your purse or luggage!

15 Ways to Say "No Visitors" After Baby

15 Ways to Say No Visitors After Baby

We recently had a few expecting parents on the Tula team which reminded us that there are so many questions that come with welcoming a baby. We thought we would help answer some of these questions by asking our community to share their personal experiences and ideas.

Our question: Is there a polite way to say "no visitors" right after a baby is born? Here's what some of you said:

  1. "The BEST advice I got, should you end up with visitors or are around grabby people who want to hold baby, is to wrap that baby up in your favorite (Tula of course!) carrier or wrap." - Kate T.
  2. "I made a Facebook post. Telling everyone we appreciated their thoughts and prayers, but we wanted to spend quality time as a family of 3 before my husband returned to work. And if anyone wanted to stop by, to please text or call to ensure we're awake and accepting visitors." - Alishia S.
  3. "We waited a day with each of our kids. Best decision we ever made. We got sweet, precious, bonding time as a family that we can never recreate. No visitors to make happy or be shy around when nursing for those first times. It's your family and your time. You can't get it back. Make the memories you wish for!" - Leah H.
  4. "We have a meet the baby party. Basically, we have an open house for a few hours some day after baby is born. Light snacks and drinks. No one who is sick is allowed over. Then we hole up for a few months." - Laura K.
  5. "We know how keen you are to meet our newest member, but please allow us time to get to know each other. If you wish to visit, please contact myself or my partner on xxxx and we will let you know if we are up for visitors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation." - Lu W.
  6. "We felt the same way and made announcements at our baby showers and on social media that we were super excited and would be sure to let everyone know once we were ready to accept visitors. We also didn't announce her birth to anyone outside immediate family until we got home from the hospital." - Lauren K.
  7. "Explain that you would like time to rest and for your family to spend time getting to know the newest member." - Lisa L.
  8. "I assign a family member to stand guard. (Hubby or mom) to be blunt and let people know if/when they can visit." - Olivia S.
  9. "Hubby screened all the visitors for us. We weren’t going to have hospital visitors but bubs was there for nearly two weeks so we said yes to immediate family and had visitors one person or couple per day. Then when home spaced visitors out over a couple months." - @brookekeckhardt
  10. "I said yes to immediate family only, but even with them I made sure they washed and sanitized their hand up to their elbows. I think the nicest way to say that you don't want visitors is to just say, At the moment you want bonding time to get to know your baby and your little family and ask that they respect your wishes and you'll let them know when you're ready for visits." - @kayladlove
  11. "I didn't tell people we had the baby until we were ready for visitors. That was the easiest. And it helped us avoid people stopping in during the birthing process. We wanted it to only be me and my husband. It was so intimate, even though none of it went according to plan." - @kluvbug0206
  12. "Once I became a mom saying no (along with many other things) became much easier. You just say no." - @summerluludesigns
  13. “We’ll let you know when we’re ready for guests. Thank you for giving us the chance to settle in with our newest family member.” - @k8paynter
  14. "Scheduling a meet and greet is a great way to deter visitors. Let everyone know that mom and baby are getting acquainted and you would love for everyone to meet baby after 6 weeks (or whenever)." - @fairlybrutal
  15. “We are so excited to welcome _______ into our lives. We will for sure let everyone know when is a good time for visitors.” - @mayzay99

Share your responses and thoughts on this question, mom to mom or parent to parent, in the comments!

Summer Style Guide

Ice cream, sunny beach days, and fireworks: these are a few of our favorite signs of Summer. Also warming our hearts are the 2018 Summer style trends below.

Pretty in Pastels

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream pastels. These pretty colors are great for adding a fresh, light feel to your summer wardrobe. Some of our newest carriers, like Party Pieces and Love You So Much, utilize these popular colors.

Coast Party Pieces Free-to-Grow Carrier

Paint Palette Free-to-Grow Carrier

Love You So Much Free-to-Grow Carrier

Bright and Bold

If you're looking to make a statement, bright colors are a fun way to add a loud POP! to an outfit. Make your statement with a bright and bold carrier print. Or pair your more neutral carrier with a bright top and bottom.

Coast Pesky Baby Carrier

Let Me Entertain You Baby Carrier

Celebrate Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

Flirty Florals

Even though spring has sprung, these flowers are blooming all summer long. Floral dresses are a popular item for summer wardrobe fashion, but we prefer our florals on carriers this season. Our floral carriers come in several versatile patterns, so finding one to coordinate best with your wardrobe is simple. 

Blossom Standard Carrier

Marigold Free-to-Grow Carrier

Bliss Bouquet Baby Carrier

Julia James Bloom Ring Sling

The Pack is Back

Fanny packs, belt bags, and hip packs are all making a huge comeback. Convenient and practical, these bags allow you to carry your belongings hands-free and hassle-free. Concerned about reliving the 80s? Try our Tula Hip Pouch–they're an update to this old-school trend that has a more stylish and modern approach. They convert to a crossbody and over-the-shoulder bag too, so wear them in many different ways with anything in your closet! 

Imagine Hip Pouch

Imagine Hip Pouch 2Storytail Hip Pouch

What styles are you loving lately? Share with us your favorite summer looks in the comments of this post or tag us on Instagram @babytula. 

For more style inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram

Ju-Ju-Be x Tula for buy buy Baby

When our first Ju-Ju-Be x Tula collaboration was hit, we knew we needed to team up with Ju-Ju-Be again. This time, we are collaborating to bring three distinct designs exclusively to buy buy Baby! You’ll be able to get your own stylish Tula Baby Carrier and gorgeous Ju-Ju-Be bags on June 12th in select buy buy Baby stores and online.

Celebrate the newest Ju-Ju-Be x Tula collection on  June 9th at the buybuy BABY store in Brooklyn, NY (850 3rd Ave.) and enjoy event prizes, activities, and advance purchase of the three new designs. RSVP now! Read on to see our brand new prints and learn why we’re so excited to be teaming up with Ju-Ju-Be again! 


"Wallflower" has a perfect balance of eye-catching design and fresh, modern appeal to brighten your everyday. Bold blooms of flowers, in blues and pinks, dance across a steel gray background. "Wallflower" will be available as a fully printed Free-to-Grow Carrier. 



"Shoreline" exudes a chill mood with repeating waves of soft hues. Horizontal lines, with soft edges, rush across this carrier in pinks, blues, browns, greens, and yellows creating a sophisticated, yet sweet design. "Shoreline" will be available as a fully printed Free-to-Grow Carrier and a Toddler Tula Carrier. 


“Black Lightning

"Black Lightning" is an electrifying, cool design! An abstract pattern of lightning bolts over lap each other, in black, gray, and green colors, to create an almost camouflage look. "Black Lightning" will be available as a Free-to-Grow Carrier and a Toddler Tula Carrier. 

 Why are we ecstatic to be collaborating with Ju-Ju-Be? Like Baby Tula, Ju-Ju-Be offers a variety of hip prints in so many different diaper bag and accessories. They strive to offer great options and make parenting fun with their clever prints that range from classic to whimsy. They don’t stop at setting a high bar for style; their bags are all hand-sewn, made with high-quality materials, and have savvy designs too.  

We both have enthusiastic communities, offering various prints and styles that fit their personal needs and desires.  Our close connection to the people who love both brands has created a worldwide community of families that bond with each other, as well as, with us. Bringing these two communities of passionate families felt natural and we can’t wait to bring these fun buy buy Baby exclusive prints to them!



Understanding How a Wrap Conversion is Named

Understanding How a Wrap Conversion is Named

When browsing our selection of Wrap Conversion Carriers, you should have a good understanding of what each part of the product listing name means. To help better explain, we've broken it down by part!

1. This is how much woven wrap material is used to create your carrier. Full, Semi (partial) or Half of the carrier. To learn more about the difference between each of these, read our blog here.

2. If the Carrier says "Coast" that means it has our mesh panel and hood, if it doesn't say Coast it's a regular full wrap panel. To shop our canvas Coast Carriers, click here.

3. This is where you'll see the size/style - Free-to-Grow, Standard, Toddler or Half Buckle. Not sure which baby carrier is right for you? Click here to find the best baby carrier option for you!

4. You'll see the weaver's name, which is the brand/creator of the woven wrap. Some examples are Girasol, Meeyoo, Erizo, Mad Hatter, etc.

5. Next you'll find the design name of the wrap

6. This is the weft color used. The weaver and wrap name may be the same, but the weft can make a big difference to the look of the wrap. The weft is the color running across the entire design of the wrap. Click here to see some weft examples.

200k Instagram Followers

We have reached 200,000 followers on Instagram! We're so excited to connect with more families to share more ways to bond and do what they love. 

To celebrate this milestone, we're giving away $20 Baby Tula site credits to 200 winners! That's right, 200 winners! Enter by filling out the short rafflecopter below. 

Winner will be randomly selected on June 1, 2018. Must be 18 years old to enter. No purchase necessary.

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Tula Families: Moving While In Military

We know how difficult moving, let alone frequent moves, can be. So, we asked Tula model and ambassador, Rina to share some tips for preparing and coping with a move while in the Military. Read on to read her helpful tips:

Moving has its challenges, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. It is not uncommon to experience simultaneous feelings of heartbreak and exhilaration during a move. On the one hand, you're crestfallen because you have to leave both the house that had become your home and the friends who had become your family, but on the other hand, it becomes impossible for you to ignore the ensuing excitement of starting a new adventure with your family. So as I sit here surrounded by a sea of floor to ceiling boxes that have been stamped with the little blue inventory stickers symbolizing the culmination of our 10 month stay (and yet another move) allow me to share with you some of the tips and advice that have carried me through the last 14+ years of moving while in the military. Bare in mind that I’m also doing this as a reminder to myself of what’s to come:

Manage your expectations.

Most of us don’t like change—atleast not any change that we aren’t in control of. That’s why when we hear the word “orders”, within seconds our minds immediately run through best-case scenarios to the absolute worst before our service member can even finish his/her sentence to let us know where we’re heading next. Whether it’s your perfect dream location or a curveball location that sends your family to the armpit of your given branch of service, try to keep an open mind. The bottom line is that you have a choice to go into your next move with either hopeful charisma or with a despairing dark cloud that chases you into an inevitable destination of misery. Remember that your experience will be what you make it. So wherever your family is stationed next, manage your expectations accordingly.


I consider this one of the many benefits of moving so often. This is the perfect opportunity to go through your entire house and decide on what is going and what can be trashed, donated, or sold. One of the rules I adopted is if we haven’t used an item in this current duty station, it’s not coming to the next one with us. The only exception to this rule would be if you’re moving back from a location like Hawaii or Okinawa and your winter gear has been in storage—don’t get rid of those!

Connect with your fellow military spouse networks and Oracle.

There’s practically a Facebook group for every topic and every duty station out there; join a group and stay connected. There’s also a chance that if you’ve been around the military for a few years, some of the friends you’ve made may have also made their way around the world a time or two so get with them for insight about your new destination. This leads me to my last piece of advice…

Make every house your home and every destination an adventure.

Whether your service member gets 12-month or 36-month orders, make your new duty station your home. I encourage you to decorate your new house and add whatever touches that will make it feel cozy to you. Also, go beyond the four walls of your base and get to know your surroundings. I recommend dedicating the first few weekends to exploring the town. Create a bucket list with your kids of things you want to do while at that duty station and conquer them one by one. Get your family excited and involved in the new community so that they feel safe and comfortable too. I also like the idea of starting a new tradition early on as a family and taking it with you wherever you go so that no matter where you land in the future it will always feel like home.

Ultimately, moving while in the military is inevitable but just remember that you’re not alone. Once settled into your new place, take a minute to look back at how you’ve not only survived but thrived through yet another PCS season and be proud of yourself!

8 Things About Tula Wrap Conversions

8 Things You Should Know About Tula Wrap Conversions

Tula Wrap Conversions are our premiere, limited-edition style of luxury baby carriers. We wanted to share 8 things you might not know, but SHOULD know, about our Wrap Conversions!

1. They are ultra soft and moldable


2. Weft color makes a big difference!

3. Handwoven fancies are 100% hand-made

4. Each carrier is handmade in Poland

5. Many of our partner weavers are work-at-home-moms!

6. They're one-of-a-kind because no parts of the wrap are exactly the same and each carrier is constructed completely by hand

7. Wrap Conversions stock every other Sunday and 3pm PST, BUT we love having surprise stockings, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

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8. You can get points for your purchase when you join our Collector's Club

5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack

5 Ways to Use Your Tula Backpack

Our Tula Kids Backpacks are made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric and the perfect size for a variety of uses! Here are just a few ideas for you to try!

1. School Supplies

Perfect size to fit all your preschooler's books, snacks, supplies and more!

2. Gift Bag

Give this awesome backpack as a gift, but no need to wrap it, just add tissue paper!


3. Weekend Travels

Perfect size bag for a short weekend getaway. Fits all the necessities and your child can carry it!


4. Diaper Bag

Fit all your diapering needs in one stylish bag! Plenty of room for diapers, a Tula Carrier, wipes and more.

5. Gym Bag

Skip the bulky duffel bag, you can fit shoes, water, workout gear and still have room for your towel and deodorant!

How do you use your Tula Backpack? Share in the comments, or tag us in your #WillItFit photo on Facebook or Instagram!