A Chat with Alexis Adegoke

A Chat with Alexis Adegoke

Meet Alexis, a vibrant mom from Brooklyn, New York, who, along with her family of five, embarked on a transformative journey to Dallas, Texas, last summer. In the heart of their new Texan home, they've discovered the joy of easy mobility, thanks to their trusty Baby Tula carriers, an essential tool for their 8-month-old bundle of joy.  

Alexis' children describe her as a "silly mommy," a title she proudly embraces. To her, being a "silly mommy" signifies being the fun and joyful presence she aspires to be in her children's lives. Her intention is clear: she wants her kids to remember her as the fun-loving mom who filled their days with laughter and adventure. 

Describing herself as an intentional parent, Alexis values the importance of purpose and mindfulness in her parenting journey. She takes great care in curating experiences that align with her children's developmental stages and always strives to be attuned to their needs. 

On social media, Alexis's world revolves around fellow moms and creators in her community. As a part of early motherhood, she draws inspiration and support from this space. She devours content written by fellow moms to glean insights and wisdom that help her navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood. 

Alexis' creative pursuits have evolved significantly since she became a parent. Previously immersed in the world of modeling and styling in New York City, her focus now centers around her children. They are the epicenter of her creative endeavors, and together, they nurture their creative spirits daily. 

When it comes to shopping for herself and her baby, Alexis prioritizes quality, aesthetics, and comfort. Style plays an essential role in her life, and she firmly believes that parenthood doesn't require sacrificing personal style. For Alexis, Tula's carriers tick all the boxes, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics to meet her needs.  


What makes Alexis distinctly herself is her unique voice, her deep connection to her family, her unwavering heart, and her relentless drive. She thrives in fostering connections with people, even those she's never met in person. Alexis' online community allows her to create meaningful bonds and share her journey with others, making her a source of inspiration and support for fellow moms. 

As Alexis continues to embrace her role as a "silly mommy" and a creative force in the world of motherhood, she leaves a trail of laughter, love, and style wherever she goes. Her journey is a testament to the joy of embracing motherhood while staying true to oneself. 

Connect with Alexis: instagram.com/alexiskristiana

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