The Dream Weaving Sisters of Siostry Plotą

The Dream Weaving Sisters of Siostry Plotą

The Story of their Grandfathers Wicker Shop 

In the heart of Praga Północ, there’s a wicker shop, where the scent of willow and creativity hangs thick in the air. This is the legacy of Siostry Plotą's grandfather, Sylwester - a man who wove not just baskets but stories into every strand of willow.  

Sisters, Artists, and Mothers: A Tapestry of History 

"Our grandfather's shop was a kind of wardrobe full of wicker. Every square inch of this space was covered with his wicker creations. They covered the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling."  

- Ania

In a world that often celebrates modern advancements and conformity, Ania and Kasia chose a different path. As sisters, artists, and mothers, their family homes resonated with their loved ones – daily discussions with their father, mother and the laughter of their children and partners. Each moment acts as tiny muses who play a pivotal role in shaping their creative destiny. 

Ania is a graphic designer in her third pregnancy. She has a 4-year-old daughter Gosia, a 3-year-old Grześ, and baby Zosia. She is building her house together with her husband Artur who runs his own business. Her "language" is through her hands. They are in constant movement and dialogue. Knitting, cutting, drawing, painting - her hands were and are in constant movement and dialogue.  

For Kasia, the stage has always been the way of expression - that moment when she can, at the intersection of the character she plays and herself, delve into the farthest recesses of feeling. Her fiancé, Michal, is also an actor and their one-year-old daughter Hania, has already earned her own corner of the home they share for her plays.  

Though their crafts are different, they meet at the wicker weaving workshop, where Ania can continue to explore her path, and Kasia can discover new ones. 

Breathing Life into Ancient Tradition 

“Our grandfather's shop was a kind of wardrobe full of wicker. Every square inch of this space was covered with his wicker creations. They covered the walls, the floor and even the ceiling. The intense scent of this plant will forever take me back to this place.” 

The sisters’ history with wicker begins even before they were born. 

Their grandfather Sylwester ran a wicker shop in Praga Północ for 30 years. Basketry was a common activity that a lot of Polish people practiced. But now, Sylwester has decided to retire. The whole family initially assumed that this would be the end of this story. But during the sale they organized in the shop, they had a collective thought, and an awakened energy to save the tradition. 

Family as a Support Structure 

Navigating pregnancy and savoring the joys of motherhood, Ania and Kasia relied on the close relationship of their family to integrate family into their craft.  

“We were raised in a spirit of closeness, with a lot of contact and involvement. Our mother took care of the house and us on a daily basis, and our father gave up his profession as a sailor to be with her full-time (after work), so that we would ‘not miss a step’.” This importance of family and close relationship is one that’s cultivated daily and woven into the fabric of their lives.  

Their father weaves wicker together with them and designs patterns with their Mom.  “Mom is a daily support for us and our children. We often go out together, talk until morning, and live some beautiful, even euphoric moments together. Then we figure out solutions to everyday challenges and debate solutions to everyday and unusual difficulties.” 

When asked about how this has impacted their family life, Ania says “Everything we received in our family home, we build in our ‘new’ homes.” 

Motherhood: A Catalyst for Creativity 

Motherhood became the catalyst that redefined time, making both Ania and Kasia appreciate every moment and infusing their creations with love and tradition. 

"We find a lot of meditation in wicker weaving. Sometimes we're not sure if we're the ones guiding the wicker, or if the wicker is guiding us. Through this gentle path that leads us back to ourselves, clearing our heads of the invading thoughts and hardships of everyday life.” 

For Ania, it has helped her reevaluate her life and focus on the quality of “here and now” that’s had a tangible impact on her creativity.  Wicker becomes a canvas for creativity, from cradles to lamps. Each product is not just handmade; it's a unique narrative crafted by skilled hands, carrying the essence of tradition and the warmth of family. 

"When working with wicker, we are only limited by our imagination." - Ania and Kasia 

Handmade or Off-the-Shelf? 

For Ania and Kasia, every product is a creative expression – each woven by hand, completely unique. Each twig grew from the ground. Each one has its own story, just like each weave, each basket has its own soul.  

“I strongly believe you can feel it in the final product.” And it shows. More and more people are choosing experiences as gifts sometimes coming in to participate in workshops where customers work with straw, debarked and unbarked wicker materials to make handbags, mushroom baskets, a rattle, or even a rocking chair for themselves.  

The choice to buy handmade is an acknowledgment of the connection between the artisan, the product, and the consumer – a connection that goes beyond the mere act of buying. Choosing handmade isn't just about having a product, it's about buying into a story, a person, and their labor of love. 

Where Tradition Meets Creativity 

Siostry Plotą isn't just a shop; it's a living testament to family, uniqueness, and the enduring spirit of craft. 

Siostry Plotą's location may have changed but the family and tradition remain about 700m from Sylwester’s “wardrobe”. Still in Praga-north, with a heated shop, backroom, workshop and warehouse, the change is significant. The passion and feeling of family togetherness can be felt in every millimeter of their space. 

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