A Chat with Ana Ruiz: Adventures in Parenthood and Exploration

A Chat with Ana Ruiz: Adventures in Parenthood and Exploration

In the sunny heart of California resides a family that breaks the mold in their approach to life. Meet Ana, a spirited mother of three, her husband, Luis Felipe, and their children: Nala, the eldest at five, the energetic two-year-old Luca, and the newest addition, baby Luna, only two months old. Together, they're crafting a unique story filled with wanderlust and a zest for life. 

"We're both Ecuadorian,” Ana said, “Our kids were born here in California." 

Their family dynamic is a blend of individual personalities that makes them a tight-knit unit. Nala's inquisitiveness, Luca's boundless energy, and Luna's infancy all played a part in their adventures that were anything but ordinary. Their adventures have been fueled by a love for exploration.  

Ana and Luis Felipe value experiences over possessions, adopting a minimalist lifestyle. "We live lightly and we travel lightly," Ana affirmed. 

Their travels aren’t just about ticking off tourist attractions; they seek immersion in local cultures. "We like to move around with the locals," Ana shared. Their journeys became profound experiences, fostering connections and enduring memories. 

Parenting for Ana isn’t a separate entity from her travels; it’s a harmonious blend. Her children move through the world with her, whether running errands or embarking on a 10-month global escapade. Ana believes in teaching her children through experiences. 

How do her children see her as a parent? Ana believes they'd describe her as adventurous, creative, and nurturing. Her parenting style is rooted in positivity, patience, and a passion for teaching. She creates a vibrant world for her kids, filled with crafts, music, and enriching experiences. 

Ana's online presence mirrors her passions. "So much travel, and so much travel Mom content," she humorously mentioned. Her social media is a trove of inspiration, from homeschooling tips to insights into the digital nomad life. 

Ana's creativity extends to her choice of products. She seeks unique, artisanal items that resonate with her personality. And when it came to shopping for baby carriers, she has a discerning eye. "I like things that look and feel good," Ana explained. “Color for me is a big thing. I like things that have their own personality and highlight my personality as well. I think I am colorful, so I like to wear pieces that spark conversation? If there's artisan work involved, it's always a huge plus. Almost an easy yes for me. So, when I saw the collection that Tula has with actual artisan people making [the carriers] it was very hard to resist.” 

Beyond her own pursuits, Ana aspires to inspire others. When asked what makes her #distinctlyyou, she responded confidently, “I think acting on my wild dreams and as a result, inspiring other women like me to do the same. Almost like being that permission slip that women have - sometimes they don't have the example...so, they believe they can't. So I think just by doing so myself, I can inspire other women to do the same. Her journey serves as a shining example, proving that parenthood can coexist with adventure, ushering in a vibrant chapter. 


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