Christopher Mansfield & Baby Moody's Harmonious Life

Christopher Mansfield & Baby Moody's Harmonious Life

Meet Christopher Mansfield (Fences Music) and Daughter, Moody 

Fences Music with Baby Moody for Baby Tula

Sunsets, rolling hills, and gentle breezes surround this new family of three. Christopher and Maxine, a Southern California couple, are raising their daughter Moody to live a life full of love, music, and appreciation for the world around her. 

With a passion for the outdoors and a love of music that flows through their home, they are passionate about instilling a deep sense of connection to the world into the fabric of their family. Step into their world and all the joys it has to offer.

Introduce us to your baby. How does he/she move through the world? How would they describe you?

Moody Pitseleh Mansfield. She moves primarily attached to me or her mother, therefore taking in our point of view. We don’t take this lightly and tend to walk in beautiful places with some type of positive intention. Of course, there are errands in harshly lit buildings, but I try and find the most pleasant aisle. Beauty bark and bird feeders rather than the plumbing section. Although some sinks do resemble bird baths.  

She won’t be speaking for some time, but a simple “dad” would be ok by me. That word speaks volumes, doesn’t it?  
Maxine with Baby Moody for Baby Tula

What’s on your social feeds right now, what are you reading, watching and seeing that inspires you IRL? 

Nothing inspires me on social feeds. I’m reading a big navy-blue book from time to time, my friend's bad poetry, and sometimes the Bible just to cross reference my grocery list. I really like watching shows about ancient civilizations or the occasional Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks movie.  

What’s it been like for you as a parent and how do you involve your child in your creative pursuits? 

She’s involved in my creative pursuits in the sense that I helped create her. Pretty creative. Parenting can be difficult but in a gratifying way. Such as cursing your way to the top of a mountain only to see how useless the profanity was and how silly you feel once that view hits you. 

Christopher from Fences Music with family

What do you look for when you’re shopping for you and your baby and how does this carrier measure up?

Anything from oatmeal to vintage clothes, candles to goat milk. Very American shopping. I mean the best and truest thing I can say is I hardly notice she is there. We were running all over Topanga Canyon yesterday and it’s nice to know she sees what I see. The mug being grabbed and filled and the exchange of currency. She is completely safe and comfortable. It’s clear by her jubilant yips. 

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