Jordyn's Journey: A Year of Parenthood and Discovery

Jordyn's Journey: A Year of Parenthood and Discovery

When it comes to embracing the whirlwind adventure that is parent, first time mama, Jordyn, is here for it all. Along with her husband, Layton, and their eleven-month-old daughter, Rizzo, they are navigating the labyrinth of parenthood, discovering the joys and challenges that come with it. 

Jordyn shares, "It has just been a year of all of us figuring each other out, but a year of exploring the world together as our new family dynamic." Parenthood has ushered in an exciting chapter filled with newfound experiences and a profound sense of wonder. 

Their little Rizzo, at eleven months old, is a beacon of curiosity and boundless energy. "She's just interested and curious about everything," Jordyn observes. The infant is a sponge, absorbing every detail of the world around her. As parents, Jordyn and Layton revel in the magical moments where they witness her personality blooming. 

Jordyn envisions how Rizzo might describe her: "If she could talk, she would probably say that I'm someone that goes with the flow of life and isn't afraid to get a little bit crazy to have a good time." Her vibrant personality shines through parenthood. She sees herself as a mom who embraces the adventure and is willing to try new things, whether it's exploring the great outdoors or engaging in creative activities. 

Parenthood, as Jordyn describes, has a way of reshaping one's perspective on life. "I feel like, before kids, you just didn't think about this stuff," she reflects. The challenges and surprises that come with raising a child have taught her to let go of the unnecessary and focus on what truly matters. 

“I feel like I always lived life going ith the flow, but [since] having my daughter. It's definitely taught me you have to go with the flow because you could have a plan for the day and life takes you a different direction and it really makes you refocus. There's certain things in life that you invest your energy in and there's certain things that aren't worth getting upset about.”  

On the digital front, Jordyn is captivated by the world of mom content. She enjoys following vlogs and daily routines of fellow mothers, finding comfort in the shared experiences of parenting. The activities and adventures that other moms share, both inside and outside the home, inspire Jordyn to create similar memorable moments with Rizzo. 


Juggling parenthood and her role as a content creator can be a demanding task, but Jordyn navigates it with grace. She's grateful for the opportunity to be with her daughter daily and values the balance she's struck between motherhood and work. As Jordyn shares her journey through social media, she believes in creating a home that fosters love, peace, and safety. Her aspirations as a homemaker blend harmoniously with her individuality, allowing her to balance personal growth and family life. 

The challenges of parenthood, Jordyn admits, have taught her the importance of adapting to change. As Rizzo reaches new milestones, Jordyn constantly adjusts to meet her evolving needs. Parenthood, in her eyes, is the "best hard" she could have chosen, a journey filled with selflessness and unparalleled joy. 

“Motherhood is hard, but it truly is the most selfless thing that you can do and it is the best hard I could ever choose for myself as well.” 

When it comes to shopping for herself and Rizzo, Jordyn seeks items that encourage bonding and growth. She values products that adapt to their changing needs and cherish the connection they share. The Tula Explore carrier, with its comfort and versatility, fits seamlessly into their lives, allowing them to explore the world together. “I can't even tell you how many carriers [I had to go through] to figure out what is comfortable for me [as someone who is shorter]. It honestly made the experience not very enjoyable for me until I found the Explorer Carrier because it's comfortable for both of us like. I feel like I can function hands free with her. It supports my body shape, it supports her where it can grow with her throughout the years. Finding things that can grow with us are the best things that I like to purchase and invest in for motherhood. And my daughter as well. 

When asked what makes her #distinctlyyou, she replied, “I'm someone that I've always looked for the zest of life everywhere. I have this knack for finding the light and joy in everything, even though there's moments where things can be hard. Or there's moments where you feel like you're having a very tough day. I really enjoy trying to find ways in life to get us to look forward to something.” 


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