A Day with Natalie Joy Jewelry

jewelry maker carries toddler in a tula toddler carrier. They are in a bright studio

How does a baby carrier help you throughout the day?

Jewelry designer, Natalie, is a one-woman show that runs her own jewelry brand Natalie Joy Jewelry. She is responsible for creating each of her gorgeous pieces by hand and everything that’s involved with getting them out into the world; all while also keeping up with active (and adorable) toddler Artie.

We visited Natalie in her home studio as she prepared for the busy holiday season and took her son for an afternoon stroll. 

Learn A Little More About Natalie Joy Jewelry

Natalie Joy Jewelry is a slow-fashion jewelry brand for the mindful consumer. Our pieces are handmade to order using recycled silver and brass, with an emphasis on clean simple designs that still make a statement.” - Natalie

Natalie Joy, jewelry maker, working in her studio with her son

[Baby Tula] What’s your personal favorite from your newest collection? 

[Natalie] Right now I'm loving the Garden Hoops. The small details make them more interesting than a standard hoop. And they go with everything from overalls and t-shirts to a holiday party look. 

natalie joy's U-turn earrings

[Baby Tula] Best Natalie Joy piece of jewelry for a mom friend? 

[Natalie] When gifting jewelry to a fellow mom I always think about how realistic the piece will be in their daily life. 

Does it elevate their outfit without getting in the way? And of course, we want to avoid little fingers pulling or yanking. The U-Turn Ear Wrap is a perfect option.  They hug the ear lobe, are resistant to grabby little fingers, and are a great price point for gifting.

natalie joy in her studio working while carrying her toddler in a tula carrier

Natalie wears her son in our Linen Toddler carrier: Linen Sand


Balancing the Duties of Motherhood and Small Business Ownership

Natalie Joy wearing her toddler tula carrier with her son walking.

[BabyTula] Running a small business and being a mom is hard work! What has been the hardest part of the business? What's the hardest part of parenting? 

[Natalie] Before having my son Artie I was a workaholic.  My business was my baby, and I would pour all of my energy into it.  

That all changed as soon as he arrived.  Setting healthy work/life boundaries was hard because I either felt mom guilt or business owner guilt. And I wasn't able to put my all into either one. 

I ultimately chose to slow down on the business side of things and establish a new normal. I'm so happy I did.  My business now moves at a sustainable pace for me as a mom.  

natalie and her son smile while she carries him in a toddler carrier

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[Baby Tula] Is a baby carrier a tool that you’ve used on your parenting journey?

Oh definitely.  In the early days, I was holding or wearing him all the time.  Not sure how I could have gotten anything done without a carrier! And now, he's 2.5 and still loves riding on my back.  

He's so active at this age, I take all the snuggles I can get.  Toddler-wearing is a great way to connect.  Especially on hikes and walks. 

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Thank you to Natalie for sharing her day with us. You can follow her jewelry line on Instagram (@nataliejoyjewelry) and sign up for newsletter updates on nataliejoyjewelry.com

Photos by Nicholas Peter Wilson

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