Meet the sisters behind Oddbird, Hazal and Ceren

Meet the sisters behind Oddbird, Hazal and Ceren

Meet Hazal and Ceren. The sisters behind Oddbird. 
Meet Hazal and Ceren. The sisters behind Oddbird.

How do you express yourself as a woman / parent / artist / etc... 

Hazal: It may sound odd, and I know there are plenty of more 'normal' ways to express yourself, but one thing I have consistently done since becoming a mother is to offer my assistance... even when it's not requested. At supermarkets if I see someone struggling to find something on the shelf I'll go out of my way to locate it, or if I overhear someone ask their friend a question that I know the answer to, I'll just blurt it out while I walk past them. Or the new mum who isn't sure how to get rid of cradle cap, or cut their baby's nails... I have foolproof answers for those too, and no matter how 'odd' it makes me seem, I find value in those moments. It reminds me that I'm a carer and a giver, and I hope opens others up to the idea of helping strangers. 

Ceren: My Turkish culture is an enormous part of how I identify and express myself as a woman, parent and artist. The inexplicably grounding feeling of being ‘from’ somewhere, especially a somewhere that’s steeped in so much tradition, festivity and history, is wonderfully electric. With roots buried deep in the fertile soil of my heritage it has made me undeniably a stronger woman, better mother, more empathetic and intuitive person and informed creative.  

It’s a rich layer in who I am and how I see the world and having the opportunity to share that culture through the cultivation of a business that celebrates the craftsmanship and textile tradition of my homeland, and being able to run that business with my family, is an enormous part of my personal expression. From cooking to designing and everything in between, building a brand built on values has allowed me to not only express many facets of myself but its also afforded me connections with new people every day. 

Hazal and Ceren in Oddbird

What makes you come alive? 

Ceren: My family. And music. My 5 children bring me more joy than anything I could ever know. Ranging from 19 to 4 years old, they also drive me bananas, don’t get me wrong, but the chaos is kind of like a drug. Once you get hooked to the energy of it all, you can’t imagine a quieter reality. I love the hustle of a big family. I love the noise and the energy. I love the personalities that you see change right before your eyes. I especially love the teenage years. For those who are dreading it, don't! I’m currently trying to convince my kids to create a family band with me. I think that would be the accomplishment of my life! 

What makes you distinctly you? 

Hazal: I like to get straight to the point - there's no fluffing around for me. It's a very Australian trait, and it's funny because it's absolutely not the way Californians interact so I try to soften my bluntness when I'm working with our US team. But being honest and upfront is something I've always prided myself on, and while it takes some getting used to, it's a value I think those around me learn to love. 

Ceren: Woof this question stumped me. I was going to say, ‘my weird hybrid Australian accent’ but when I deferred to my husband, he very quickly said that it was my 'energy, diplomacy and adaptability’. I gotta say… I like his answer much better! 

Oddbird size-inclusive loungewear

How are you creating a world you love for your children?

Hazal: I used to work in a corporate agency and felt my career was an indicator of who I was and what I was contributing to society, but after I had my first daughter, Elkie, what I once valued so greatly was now very low on my list and my highest priority became time with my baby and with my husband. Time is a commodity that is so easily undervalued and even though I'm currently busier than ever running Oddbird with my sister and with my second baby at home with me full time... the work just doesn't feel like 'work'. You have to love what you do day in and day out so that your children can see you happy, and as they grow, their concept of 'work' might actually be something our parents would have considered a hobby. 

Ceren: By having fun! By laughing and dancing in the kitchen with my kids. By making the world feel as magical as it did when we were little. By teaching them about personal values. By creating art with inspired fervor and showing my children that you can make a living doing what you LOVE and that there are no rules. By seeing the world and being able to make informed decisions in life from having experienced other cultures. By being thoughtful, open-minded and malleable, encouraging conversation and healthy debate about any topic with the goal always being to grow in perspective. By leading by example for my children. 

With cousin Cağil, the production manager of Oddbird

What are you reading, watching, listening to? 

Hazal: Reading: It's a Shame About Ray by Jonno Seidler  
Watching: Every new season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Shrinking and Abbott Elementary 
Listening to: When I have the kids - Disney Hits Playlist on Spotify. When I'm alone: Lake Street Dive on repeat. 

Ceren: Reading : incredible memoir from prolific Australian singer/writer/poet, Nick Cave :  Hope, Faith, Carnage 

Watching : Shrinking. Bad Sisters, Twin Peaks (and New Girl for the 5th time through) 

Listening: Zsela, Cat Power, Clairo, Julia Jacklin 

 Baby Tula x Oddbird coming soon

Introducing Tula x Oddbird 

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Turkiye Relief 
 Tula x Oddbird Relief for Türkiye

On February 5, Southern Türkiye and Northern Syria was destroyed by the worst earthquake Türkiye has seen in over 100 years. Our hearts are broken for the families and communities that have lost loved ones and are in the midst of so much uncertainty.  

Tula has a longstanding admiration for Oddbird as a woman owned company founded by a mother of 5, Ceren. Oddbird got its start in Antakya, Gaziantep and Southern Türkiye and the generationally owned weaving studios that Oddbird works with have been left in rubble after the earthquake. Thankfully, they have confirmed their weavers are safe, but many are still searching for their friends and family in collapsed buildings and in crowds of mourning survivors.  

Right now on Oddbird’s website, you can donate to two trusted Search and Rescue NGOs in Türkiye; AKUT.Org Search and Rescue Association and Both have been vetted so you can be assured your generous donations are reaching those in immediate need. 

make a donation 

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