Uniquely Made Woven Slings

Ring Slings

Experience the soft feel of ring slings that you'll cherish for all the ups & downs.

For babies from 8 to 35 lbs.

Limited-edition baby slings woven by artisans for quality and softness.

Newborn Carrier - Ring Sling

Fab for Newborns

For those early days of babywearing when you want to keep your baby close, Tula Signature Ring Slings are the softest and most practical way to carry your newborn.

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Ring Slings 101

Learn How to Wear

Tula Signature Ring Slings are woven to be soft, durable and ready to go. Learn how to thread and adjust the rings first, then learn how to wear in the tummy to tummy position or hip carry in the video instructions below.



Instruction Manual: Download Ring Sling Carrier Instructions.

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