Tula Toddler Carrier: As Your Journey Continues

Tula Toddler Carrier: As Your Journey Continues

When a child is born, their needs can often be simple. As their caregiver, we can change their diaper, feed them, and comfort them to sleep. Yet as they grow, their wants and needs may become more complex and unique to their character. We at Baby Tula know firsthand that the period that you babywear does not end when a child begins to walk. Safety, security, and connection are all intuitive needs from birth and continue to be important to you and your child throughout their lives.

For some, this translates to a longer babywearing journey. In particular, we know that there are children with special needs that greatly benefit from having the option to be carried securely in a carrier. For these children and families, we developed the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier to safely carry children 25-60 pounds.

At Baby Tula, we support all families and believe that the comfort, bonding and perspective that “ToddlerWearing” or “BigKidWearing” brings can be especially beneficial to those with special or customized needs, regardless of age. While some parents may not find it necessary to wear their older child, we want you to know that the Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has the capability to last you until you want to upgrade to the Preschool Carrier! For those times when a long walk is too much for little legs, a new place presents new fears, or a visit to the hospital requires extra long cuddles.

The Baby Tula Toddler Carrier is really designed for larger children. The larger panel of the Toddler Carrier will not comfortably begin to fit a child until they are at least 32 inches and wearing 2T pants. Meeting the minimum weight or being a certain age should not be the only factors you consider when selecting the best carrier for your child. For the newborn stage and up to 45lbs, our Explore Baby Carrier or Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier are great options that can be worn starting at 7 pounds. We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of carriers that benefit a family wherever they are on the path of parenthood. 

Take this quick quiz to find out which baby carrier is best for you.

When is my child ready for a Toddler carrier? 

They are wearing 2T sized pants or starting to grow out of their 2T size pants. The most important thing about fit for this carrier is the length of their legs - the legs must be long enough for the knees to reach the leg padding and for the legs to hang down from the knees in an ergonomic position. We use pant size as a benchmark for fit; we've found that most parents don't know their child's inseam, but everyone knows what size clothes they are buying!


My other carrier already goes up to 45 lbs! Why would I want another?

  • Comfort for YOU. As toddlers get bigger more of their upper body (shoulders, arms, even upper back) start to be above the top of a typical sized carrier (Explore or Free-to-Grow for example), which allows them to lean more side to side and back away from your body when they are looking around. This, along with their increased weight, can start to pull on your shoulders more than it used to when they were tiny. The Toddler carrier is designed specifically for bigger toddlers to solve for this. The panel is wide and tall and will once again come up to the back of your child's neck, cocooning them in the carrier. This pulls the child in toward your body, closer to your center of gravity, making them feel lighter on your body and more evenly distributing their weight.
  • Comfort for THEM. Tiny babies love to be swaddled and held close in a carrier because it replicates the tight quarters they were used to in the womb and relaxes them. That instinct does not just go away all of a sudden. Even for toddlers, being held close and tight brings great comfort. For many toddlers, they will feel more secure and more soothed by a carrier that is big enough to cover their whole back. Perfect for Toddlers when they are having Big Feelings.
  • Ergonomics. The wider panel of the Toddler carrier is designed to support longer legs in an ergonomic 'M' shaped position. Not only is this optimal ergonomically, but it's also more comfortable!
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