Bachelorette No-More: Becca’s Motherhood Must-Have

Bachelorette No-More: Becca’s Motherhood Must-Have

How Baby Carriers Have Helped this Bachelorette Star Thrive  


“I can still stay active when he's in Tula and don't feel like I have to miss out on things because I can still do it all while carrying him. We recently started traveling more and going to more sporting events, and I feel so much safer knowing Benny is close to my chest and safe in larger crowds when he's in the Tula.”  

Motherhood is a unique blend of challenges and joys, and no one knows this better than Becca Kufrin—former Bachelorette, entrepreneur, and new mom. From her vibrant career to her recent entry into motherhood, Becca shares her experiences and how Baby Tula has become a vital part of her parenting journey.  

Benson and his Baby Carriers  

Born in Benson, Minnesota, Becca's roots are deeply entwined with her origins—a namesake she lovingly passed on to her son. Her adventurous spirit, fueled by a desire for something "more," led her to California as a contestant on ABC's "The Bachelor" in 2017 and as then the Bachelorette in 2018. This journey wasn't just about finding love; it was about discovering a new path that eventually led her to her husband and their beautiful life in San Diego.  

A Passion for Community and Celebration  

Becca is not just known for her time on reality TV but also as a successful entrepreneur. In 2020, she launched Bourdon, a wine label that symbolizes community, celebration, and brightness. "Bourdon has become my other 'baby,'" Becca explains, "an amazing way to cultivate community and bring people together over a good glass of wine."  

The Rollercoaster of New Motherhood  

Motherhood has been "the best, hardest, most beautiful, loving, and terrifying thing" for Becca. The early days were filled with the usual sleepless nights and all the responsibilities that come along with new parenthood. "You really can't have any plans when it comes to a newborn," Becca shares.   

She says, “The first 2 months were a terrifying, anxiety-ridden blur as my husband and I figured out how to juggle this new human's life and schedule with no sleep, leaking boobs, constant feedings, no showers, and all the while trying to maintain our home, dogs and sanity.

I'm sure most parents can relate. That hormonal rollercoaster really did a number on me, but luckily I had such a strong support system who was always there for both me and Benson. And I wouldn't have changed a day of any of it (but could have done with a bit more sleep).”  

Baby Tula: A Game Changer  

For Becca, her Baby Tula carrier was a game changer for these early months of parenting, providing comfort and convenience amid the chaos of new motherhood. "When Benson was fresh, he refused to nap in his bassinet or on his own, and constantly wanted to be held," she recalls.

The Tula carrier became her solution, enabling her to keep Benson close while managing daily tasks and enjoying long walks with her dogs.  

"The Tula allowed for Benson to stay safe and comforted while I crushed the dishes, never-ending laundry, and actually took both dogs out on long walks to get out that pent-up energy," Becca enthuses.

As Benson grows, he enjoys the world from a new perspective, sitting up in the carrier and exploring his surroundings safely and comfortably.  


Staying #DistinctlyYou  

Becca's identity has evolved with motherhood as she continues to embrace her "loud, wild, quirky, and stubborn" personality traits that she believes make her distinctly unique. She views the world through a lens of deep appreciation and wonder as she considers her son's own place in all of it.  

"Thinking of my son, there's no one who has ever been or will ever come like him. To think that I created that is pretty dang cool," Becca reflects.  

Becca’s journey through fame, entrepreneurship, and motherhood highlights the transformative power of embracing life’s roles with passion and resilience. Baby Tula carriers have not just supported her lifestyle but have also supported her bond with Benson.  

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