A Chat with Shannon Fisher: Navigating Motherhood and Creativity in LA

A Chat with Shannon Fisher: Navigating Motherhood and Creativity in LA

Meet Shannon, wife, mom, and the operational force behind Roux Media, a thriving media company in Los Angeles. Her journey into motherhood has been an extraordinary adventure filled with love, growth, and inspiration. As her son Kaylen approaches his first birthday, Shannon reflects on the whirlwind of the past year. 

Shannon and her husband, who hails from the South while she originates from the Midwest, crossed paths in 2016. Their love story quickly blossomed, culminating in a COVID-era wedding. The phrase "when you know, you know" perfectly encapsulates the undeniable connection they share. Shortly after their wedding, the couple received the joyful news of Shannon's pregnancy, marking the beginning of their adventure as parents. 

Kaylen, their son, is now on the cusp of turning one, leaving Shannon in awe of how swiftly time has passed. As any parent can attest, the first year of a child's life is a remarkable journey, filled with milestones and precious moments. Kaylen recently took his first steps, marking a major milestone in his development. Shannon describes him as strong, confident, and incredibly lovable—a classic one-year-old exploring the world one wobbly step at a time. 

Shannon's family of three resides in LA and the diversity and energy of the city serve as a perfect backdrop for their journey. While her husband's talents shine as a videographer, director, and editor, Shannon manages the operations and production aspects of their media company, Roux Media. Wearing multiple hats is second nature to this dynamic duo. 

“We wear a lot of different hats. Of course, my favorite is being a mom. Kaylen is just the best. It's my absolute favorite thing to watch him explore.” 

As a parent, Shannon exudes empathy, nurturing, and love. Her husband fondly describes her as "Ted Lasso," capturing her nurturing and compassionate nature. She is the glue that holds their family together, and her heartwarming presence envelops their lives. Shannon sees herself as an intuitive parent, going with the flow, and letting her instincts guide her. Affectionate and fun-loving, her background in dance ensures that their home is filled with joy and movement. 

On social media, Shannon's feed is a reflection of her life as a new mom. She’s taking in all the educational parenting content, reassuring messages, and humorous mom life memes. Beyond motherhood, she finds inspiration in beauty, wellness, fashion, and dance. Her diverse interests keep her engaged and motivated, offering a balanced perspective on life. 

When it comes to involving her little one in her creative pursuits, Shannon seamlessly integrates Kaylin into their professional and personal adventures. Whether he's on set during shoots, joining Zoom meetings, or becoming the star of her content creation, Shannon embraces motherhood and her career as a united journey. 

 “Luckily, my husband and I have created this life where we can bring our son along for the ride. And we do. So whether that's on set with us, we're bringing him. He literally will jump in zoom meetings and luckily everyone loves it. It's cool.” 

When shopping for herself and her son, Shannon prioritizes safety, comfort, and style. She values items that make life easier and more enjoyable, like the Tula carrier. Its blend of safety, comfort, and fashion aligns perfectly with her criteria, making it an indispensable parenting tool. 

When asked what makes her #distinctlyyou, she responded with humility. “This is such a good question. It's so deep, and of course I don't love talking about myself. But I would say, I guess, my heart and my soul make me me. I'm not a huge quote person, but one quote that really has stuck with me is ‘People will forget what you what you said, people will forget what you did, but people won't forget the way that you made them feel.’ And I really try to live my life that way.” 

Connect with Shannon: instagram.com/shannonr_fisher

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