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Babywearing Help with Ricki Franklin, Educator & Babywearing Boss

Babywearing educators are wonderful assets to the babywearing community. Their experience, knowledge and passion for babywearing help caregivers overcome challenges and gain confidence in wearing their baby. 

Rick Franklin, of  Babywearing Boss, is an active and long time educator, in both public and private consultations from Washington. We asked Ricki to answer some questions about herself and her role as an educator.

How did you get involved with babywearing?

Researching online, I found out babywearing could help me reach my breastfeeding goals. I got a carrier, studied how to use it, but was very intimidated because of my plus size body:

I was worried I wasn’t supposed to babywear as a fat person.

One day, when my baby was fussy and couldn’t settle, my mom said, “Tie that baby on me!”

I wrapped her in a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry with a stretchy wrap and my baby slept for hours on his grandma.

At once I knew babywearing was for every BODY. Our little extended family immediately fell in love with babywearing. I found my local babywearing group which grew into an amazing support system bonded over new parent struggles. I now serve as President of BWI Olympia.

Play Baby Carrier📷:  Ricki in a Free To Grow Baby Carrier in Play print

I love knowing I’m passing on parenting skills and making the world a safer place for children. One of my former clients just became a grandmother. She explained how thrilled she was to teach her daughter how to babywear her first grandchild. Babywearing is an age old tradition and I respect that tradition by sharing the knowledge whenever possible. 

Tell us more.

As a Center for Babywearing Studies trained consultant I work with families and organizations serving families to promote child carrying. I focus on principals of Kangaroo Care and the benefits of hands-free carrying provided by babywearing. I meet with families, in their space, to assess babywearing goals and we work together to reach those goals, often in about 90 minutes. My nanny services almost always include babywearing as well. Whether I’m carrying a baby to give a postpartum family a break or a busy toddler who needs to recenter, babywearing always comes to the rescue. I am excited to announce, I’ll be partnering with a local Baby Tula retailer to offer in-store carrier fit adjustments and consultations. 

What is one important tip you like to share with new or first-time babywearers?

Practice the steps to prepare your carrier, secure baby in the carrier, and take baby out of the carrier.

Try using a doll, stuffed toy, or even a bag of your favorite snack to make this process effective.

Getting a feel for the flow of each step will make you more comfortable. Your baby will sense that trying out the new carrier is OK because of the confidence you gained with those trials! 


To connect with Ricki, visit her Facebook page and Blog.

Baby Carrier with Storage
📷:  Play Free To Grow Baby Carrier again showing waist band


We appreciate the role that babywearing educators like Ricki play in our community and we are excited to celebrate their role through this series of babywearing educator spotlights.

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